What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are an aromatic, vital fluid which is distilled from flowers, shrubs, leaves, trees, roots, and seeds. Because they are necessary for the life of the plant and play an important role in the biological processes of the vegetation, these substances are called essential and contain the essence of the plant.

The essential oil in their leaves serves two additional functions: their odors attract pollinating insects and they repel pests, bacteria, and viruses which could harm the plant. Essential oils contain the life-blood, intelligence, and vibrational energy that endow them with the healing power to sustain their own life and help people who use them.

Unlike fatty vegetable oils used for cooking (composed of molecules too large to penetrate at a cellular level), essential oils are a non-greasy liquid composed of tiny molecules that can penetrate every cell and administer healing at the most fundamental level of our body. Their unique feature allows them to pass through the skin and cell membranes where they are most needed. Because of their structural complexity, essential oils are able to perform multiple functions just with a few drops diffused in the air or applied to the skin.

Since essential oils are derived from a natural plant source, you will notice that the oil does not leave an oily or greasy spot. When applied to the skin, they quickly are absorbed and go right to action. (Note: Be sure to check safety ratings before applying any essential oil to the skin.)

Modern medicine has attempted to duplicate the chemical constituents and healing capabilities of essential oils, but cannot. Man-made pharmaceuticals lack the intelligence and life-force found in the healing oils. Most synthetic prescriptions have multiple undesirable side effects even some that are deadly.

Essential oils have no serious side effects that are deadly. Many people have reported authentic healing when using them though everyone may not experience the same results as family history, lifestyle, and diet plays a significant role in the body’s healing process. Essential oils work together in harmony, making them inherently safe, unlike when multiple prescription drugs are taken, causing drug-interaction, other health issues and sometimes even death.

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