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Six Essential Oils Good for Weight Loss

Did you know aromatherapy can help you with craving the wrong things like sweets or desserts? Anyone who has tried to shed more than a few pounds know that the battle with the bulge can be more in the mind than in the stomach. Modern research is now catching up on Essential Oil’s curative, mood enhancing, and…

Aromatherapy Career as a Certified Aromatherapist

Aromatherapy Career as a Certified Aromatherapist “We are entering a new era in health care where the public is informed regarding choices in health care and the availability of alternative and complementary health care modalities,” writes Laraine K. Pounds, RN, MSN of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists. One of those modalities being aromatherapy. With an ever-increasing…

Aromatherapy School

As one of the finest aromatherapy schools around, we offer aromatherapy courses for certification giving you hands-on aromatherapy training and experience with essential oils in the comfort of your own home!  With the popularity and wide accessibility of essential oils online, it seems that there is a vast misconception about what a Certified Aromatherapist actually…


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Rebecca demonstrates an explanatory writing and teaching style that captivates the reader’s attention with an impeccable mark on organic essential oils!

Captivates the Reader

There was so much information in the Aromatherapy class to learn, yet Rebecca made it seem easy and helped us retain the information. I’m now ready to start my business and have the confidence and knowledge needed!

Rebecca Made Learning Easy

I took Certification Level 1 and it was an excellent introduction to the many ways to use essential oils, including various blending methods.  I will go on to Clinical Level 2.  The format is easy to follow and the teacher, Rebecca, is clear and concise.   I would highly recommend the course for anyone who wants to know the correct way to use essential oils.

Format is Easy to Follow


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