The Story of Thieves Essential Oil

I found this historical information very interesting and thought you would too. We no longer carry or distribute YL essential oils because our personal calling and devotion is to the Bride of Christ and preparing her for the Messiah’s return. The Lord has placed it on my heart to prepare the bride as today’s priesthood and the importance of using the oils for anointing and healing. They must be pure and not profaned (treated common). We didn’t want our message or mission with Heal With Oil to be compromised with a MLM business and confuse folks with the mixture of religions. YL is a pioneer organization of the aromatherapy movement in the United States and for that I am grateful, but because they purpose is to sell to anyone/everyone whether they are wiccan, pagan, Mormon, Christian, etc. promoting new age ideas, we feel it necessary to find essential oils that are of the same therapeutic grade quality on our own, without the association of another beliefs. We believe essential oils work to heal the body but feel the calling of the healing arts must be returned to priesthood and all glory given to the Creator, who is the God that heals. We don’t worship the creation, but the creator of Heaven and Earth, Yahweh.

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