The Art of Perfumery

The art of making perfume is an art anyone can master. If you have the supplies and a little imagination, you’ll find making perfume is fun and very easy. Whether it’s something you want to tackle on your own or as a way to bond with your daughter, making perfume is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. As easy as it is to make perfume, there are certain myths about making perfume or little hints that may help you to achieve the fragrance you desire.

 Essential oils are extracted from a plant and although “one drop” may not seem like very much, keep in mind that these oils are in their pure undiluted form. A few drops goes a long way so unless you want a perfume that’s overwhelming and overpowering, follow the directions carefully. If it says five drops, use five drops. It’s much easier to add more drops if you desire a stronger scent than it is to remove drops when the perfume is too strong!

 While we’re on the subject of overwhelming perfumes, you may notice that your nose may not be working as it usually does after you’ve smelled so many different essential oils. In other words, what’s actually a very strong smell your nose may not be picking up as such.  There’s a very simple way to correct this problem. Hold coffee grounds or fresh coffee beans a couple inches from your nose and inhale several times. You’ll soon find your nose working once again!

 To avoid making perfumes with weird and off-the-wall fragrances, make sure you stay with a base, middle and top note. As much as you may like many different fragrances, not all of them will go well together. It’s also imperative that you put in the oils in a specific order, which is base, middle and top is last.

 If someone tells you that you can use tap water instead of distilled water, don’t listen to him or her. Using distilled water is necessary for your perfume venture to be successful. The one thing you can substitute is Vodka instead of alcohol. In fact, Vodka works excellently with perfume as it enhances the fragrance, making it last longer. You may want to try brandy but keep in mind that it will not blend well with all oil fragrances.

 Take notes while you’re making your perfume. There is nothing more frustrating than making the perfect creation only to find out you couldn’t do it again if you tried!

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