Essential Oils and Antibiotics – Whose the winner?

We are facing serious problems today when medications that we take to treat illnesses no longer work because of bacteria becoming drug resistant. This means that the bacteria contain genetic material (DNA) that is no longer affected by an antibiotic. There are many types of drug resistant bacteria among us today, per health professionals.

After Sun Spray Recipe

After Sun Spray Recipe Give your skin a drink after a day in the sun. What You Will Need: 5 Drops Tea Tree Essential Oil 10 Drops Lavender Essential Oil 3 Ounces Distilled Water Spray Bottle What To Do: 1. Combine essential oils and water in a spray bottle and shake. 2. Mist skin with spritzer followed by a body lotion to seal in moisture. ________________________________________________________________________________ Aromatherapy Online Courses Sign up for our aromatherapy online…