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Essential Oils for Sleep

Essential oils for sleep is awesome in promoting a pleasant sleep. While we are unconscious, complex biological processes are taking place. It seems your brain along with the heart doesn’t really get a break (good thing, huh?). They are busy taking care of other important jobs that help you stay healthy and function at your…

Sweet Dreams: Bath Oil for Sleep

Sweet Dreams Bath Oil for Sleep Here’s a sweet treat for a relaxing bath before bed. What You Will Need: 2 Ounces Honey 5 Drops Lavender Essential Oil Jar What To Do: 1. Combine honey and essential oil in a jar and mix well. 2. Add 1-2 tablespoons to your running bath. Enjoy. ________________________________________________________________________________ Aromatherapy…

Ten Essential Oils You Will Want to Diffuse – And Why!

Aromatherapy means to treat with aroma through inhalation. Although there are other applications for Aromatherapy, if you would like to be proactive about your health and wellness, and particularly the state of your emotions, then diffusing essential oils is the most practical and effective way to enjoy their benefits!