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Choosing an Essential Oils Book

There are many excellent essential oils book and aromatherapy books available on the market today on important topics such as Essential Oil Safety, Essential Oil Chemistry, Aromatherapy for Pregnancy and Babies, and so on. However, sandwiched between those titles is the gluttony of self-published books (mostly ebooks) offered by Amazon or another online bookstore that leaves much to be desired; simply because of the author’s lack of subject knowledge. Even if you did find a…

Essential Oils for Jet Lag

Essential Oils for Jet Lag

With essential oils, you can vastly improve your travel experience by being able to sit back and relax during the flight – arriving at your destination fresh without jet lag! At the end of this article, you will find bonus recipes to have on hand for avoiding the dreaded jet lag and other travel woes like motion sickness, anxiety, and more! WHAT IS JET LAG? Depending on whether you are a world-traveler who has stacked…

Bath Cookies

Bath Cookies

Bath time doesn’t have to be fun just for kids! Add these cookies to your bath to enjoy, but please don’t eat!

15 Bath Oil Recipes using Essential Oils at

15 Bath Oil Recipes Using Nourishing Essential Oils

And, after a hard day at work, there are few things more satisfying than a bath to help reduce aches, pains, or joint stiffness. In addition, aromatic baths are excellent for skin troubles, circulatory problems, respiratory symptoms, stress and nervous tension, insomnia, and menstrual pain. As a bath for detoxifying the body, using the right combination of essential oils can eliminate your body of toxins, helping you lose weight and get healthy.

After Sun Spray Recipe

After Sun Spray Recipe Give your skin a drink after a day in the sun. What You Will Need: 5 Drops Tea Tree Essential Oil 10 Drops Lavender Essential Oil 3 Ounces Distilled Water Spray Bottle What To Do: 1. Combine essential oils and water in a spray bottle and shake. 2. Mist skin with spritzer followed by a body lotion to seal in moisture. ________________________________________________________________________________ Aromatherapy Online Courses Sign up for our aromatherapy online…