Depression: A Body System Disorder and Combatting It With Essential Oils

Jackie Doss, a Level 2 student at Aroma Hut describes the science behind depression and how essential oils can be used to combat it. In this paper, she provides critically useful information on how to restore homeostasis and bring harmony back into one’s life. It seems as though depression affects more people than any other ailment. It is said that nearly 350 million people are affected by depression at some point in their life. Chronic…

Essential Oils for Relieving Depression

Depression is not something to be ignored, laughed at, scoffed at, nor is it something to be ashamed of. It can come from many different causes-hormonal imbalances, diet, exposure to chemicals, as a side effect from medication, and more. There are also different kinds of depression, seasonal depression, postpartum depression, panic disorders, anxiety, and others. I’m not going to go into the various kinds and causes here. Be aware that in order to fully rid yourself of depression you will need to explore diet, environment, and your health. That’s a step you can take a little further down the road. Essential oils for depression can help.