Aromachology and Aromatherapy: Do You Know The Difference?

Aromachology and Aromatherapy both promote the positive effects of fragrance on mood and emotion but that may be where the similarity ends. References in commercial writing often blur their distinctions leaving many readers confused. Read on and learn the difference.

Long Commute or Road Trip Ahead? Take Peppermint Increase Alertness

Professor’s Study Finds That Peppermint Increase Alertness and Cinnamon Essential Oils Lower Frustration in Drivers The scent of peppermint essential oil or cinnamon essential oil in your car might make your morning commute less frustrating and you more alert when behind the wheel. That’s according to the results of a recent study led by Dr. Bryan Raudenbush, an associate professor of psychology at Wheeling Jesuit University in Wheeling, WV. According to the study, drivers demonstrated…