The Fragrant Makeup

Any perfume you buy or make yourself is a chemical compound made from fragrant oils, aroma blends, fixatives and solvents which produces a pleasant or attractive smell. Women primarily use perfume in order to smell nice for work, a special event, or even to attract a mate. The composition of any perfume starts with base perfume oils, which are natural, animal or synthetic, and are then diluted with a solvent to make them light and…

Essential Oils: Understanding Notes When Making Perfume

When planning to make your own perfume, it’s important to understand the basics. When we think of expensive perfume, we automatically think of France, since France is the perfume capital of the world. Although the French did not discover perfume, they were the ones that turned making perfume into a Science.

While the perfumers in France were not the original creators of perfume, they were the geniuses that figured out a way to make the fragrances last longer than a few minutes. Their method was by layering the different fragrances. They started using the three layers that we now call “notes.”