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Peppermint Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Because of its mostly cool menthol content (85%), Peppermint is found in most liniments to relieve painful muscle spasms and arthritic conditions. Its energetic scent was said to be an aphrodisiac in ancient times.

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First Aid With Essential Oils

First aid with essential oils is nature’s medicine in its purest and most essential form. Aromatic Oils are the very soul of a plant. Even a drop or two can produce significant results for your body, mind, and spirit. The increasing respect that aromatherapy commands from the general public, hospitals, and medical centers around the world speaks for itself, as more and more people benefit from this gentle and subtle, yet highly effective therapy. Whether…

Essential Oils for Your Pet Can Be Beneficial

Essential oils used for pets that have skin problems such as wounds and blood clotting are Lavender, Frankincense, and Helichrysum. Essential oils utilized for the digestive of an animal are recommended to use at least 1 to 2 drops on the stomach area and to use essential oils like tarragon, caraway, coriander, or fennel.

Lavender Soft Scrub

Lavender soft scrub (or Lemon) makes cleaning a joy to use. What You Will Need: ¾ Cup Baking Soda ¼ Cup Powdered Milk 1/8 Cup Liquid Castile Soap 5 Drops Lavender or Lemon Essential Oil Water Squeeze Bottle What To Do: 1. Combine baking soda, milk, castile soap and Lavender or Lemon essential oil in a squeeze bottle. 2. Add water to create a smooth paste. Shake to mix. Apply to surface then wipe with…

Minor Burn Relief

Minor Burn Relief Use Lavender for immediate relief and healing. What You Will Need: 2 Drops Lavender Essential Oil What To Do: 1. Run cool water over burn for 5-10 minutes. 2. Apply two drops of Lavender (undiluted) directly on skin.   ________________________________________________________________________________ Aromatherapy Online Courses Sign up for our aromatherapy online courses and start right away. Aroma Hut Institute gives you hands-on training and experience with essential oils in the comfort of your own…