Aromatic Essential Oils Kill Deadly Bacteria

From the October 1998 issue of Prevention Magazine, pg 144
Oregano, thyme and rosewood oils appear to destroy the species of bacteria that can cause pneumonia. In a lab study of 74 different oils, researchers found that these three oils were the most effective against the bacteria strain S. Pneumoniae as well as several types of fungi. Read more about the science behind therapeutic-grade essential oils.
“We first investigated this because of a chance observation during an unrelated experiment,” says Diane Horne, PhD, professor of microbiology at Weber State University in Ogden, UT. “We noticed that pneumonia cells just fell apart when exposed to certain aromatic sprays.”
Although the research is still at a very early stage, it’s conceivable that aromatherapy with the three oils may eventually become a helpful tool for controlling pneumonia infections.
There is scientific research all over showing us how effective essential oils can be, everything from uplifting our mood to combating some stubborn species of mold, germs and viruses.

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