Bath Cookies

Bath Cookies

Bath time doesn’t have to be fun just for kids! Add these cookies to your bath to enjoy, but please don’t eat!

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Essential Oil Safety

In general, the biblical essential oils are safe to use for aroma therapy and other household purposes. Nonetheless, safety must be exercised due to their potency and high concentration. Please read and follow these guidelines to receive the maximum effectiveness and benefits.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are an aromatic, vital fluid which is distilled from flowers, shrubs, leaves, trees, roots, and seeds. Because they are necessary for the life of the plant and play an important role in the biological processes of the vegetation, these substances are called essential and contain the essence of the plant.

Essential Oils that help treat Autism and ADD-ADHD

Essential Oils that help treat Autism and ADD-ADHD Researchers believe that gastrointestinal disorders may be linked to the brain dysfunctions that cause autism. Recent studies have shown that there are beneficial effects of enzyme-based therapy for Autism spectrum disorders. In a study conducted by Dr. Timothy Buie, a pediatric gastroenterologist from Harvard/Mass General hospital, forty-six patients between the ages of 5 and 31 were selected for inclusion in a study based on a diagnosis placing…

Aromatherapy: Essential Oils For Romance In Your Marriage

by Penny Barker Aromatherapy consists of using different aromas to affect a person’s mood or behavior. In the practice of aromatherapy, each essential oil is believed to possess unique specific properties that positively affect different areas of a person’s life. Some are used to soothe physical ailments, while others can increase concentration, stamina or energy, and possibly jumpstart your libido. The use of aromatherapy essential oils in sexual practices and rituals have been around for…

Basic Uses and Benefits of Aromatherapy

Basic Uses and Benefits of Aromatherapy If you haven’t taken advantage of the benefits that you can gain from aromatherapy, it is never too late to start learning so that you can apply what you have discovered in the process. You may have already heard of the concept. Although these days, there are many ways of relaxation and healing techniques that are being introduced, this one remains to be popular because this is easy to…

Lavender Soft Scrub

Lavender soft scrub (or Lemon) makes cleaning a joy to use. What You Will Need: ¾ Cup Baking Soda ¼ Cup Powdered Milk 1/8 Cup Liquid Castile Soap 5 Drops Lavender or Lemon Essential Oil Water Squeeze Bottle What To Do: 1. Combine baking soda, milk, castile soap and Lavender or Lemon essential oil in a squeeze bottle. 2. Add water to create a smooth paste. Shake to mix. Apply to surface then wipe with…

How To Improve Your Memory With Essential Oils

Do you have a desire for your child excel in school? Of course you do! Most of us would like to see our children do better than we have. We try to teach them good study habits and encourage them to continue to do better. Some children have no trouble while others really have to work at getting good grades. Using essential oils will help your child think more clearly, concentrate better, and increase there…

Minor Burn Relief

Minor Burn Relief Use Lavender for immediate relief and healing. What You Will Need: 2 Drops Lavender Essential Oil What To Do: 1. Run cool water over burn for 5-10 minutes. 2. Apply two drops of Lavender (undiluted) directly on skin.   ________________________________________________________________________________ Aromatherapy Online Courses Sign up for our aromatherapy online courses and start right away. Aroma Hut Institute gives you hands-on training and experience with essential oils in the comfort of your own…