Aromatherapy: Essential Oils For Romance In Your Marriage

by Penny Barker Aromatherapy consists of using different aromas to affect a person’s mood or behavior. In the practice of aromatherapy, each essential oil is believed to possess unique specific properties that positively affect different areas of a person’s life. Some are used to soothe physical ailments, while others can increase concentration, stamina or energy,…

Golly Gee Gomer – Camphor Essential Oil Use

Ever Wonder About Camphor Essential Oil Use? In 1964 “Gomer Pyle, USMC,” was one of the most popular shows on television in which Jim Neighbors played the dolting Gomer Pyle. In the episode entitled “Sergeant of the Week,” which premiered on 12/25/1964, Gomer gets a cold and uses Camphor balls to relieve the symptoms. We…

The Ancient Art of Extracting Essential Oils & Making Perfumes & Today’s Methods

According to Miriam Stead, author of “Egyptian Life,” the process of distillation using steam was not known for the extraction of essences, but there were three techniques available for producing perfumes from flowers, fruits and seeds. She writes, “There was enfleurage, the saturation of layers of fat with perfume by steeping flowers in the fat and replacing them when their perfume was spent.

The Story of Thieves Essential Oil

Here is an interesting youtube video on the story of Theives essential oil (TM) of Young Living Oil. I found this historical information very interesting and thought you would too. We no longer carry or distribute YL essential oils because our personal calling and devotion is to the Bride of Christ and preparing her for the Messiah’s return. The Lord has placed it on my heart to prepare the bride as today’s priesthood and the importance of using the oils for anointing and healing. They must be pure and not profaned (treated common).