Aromatherapy Certification Live Class

Upcoming Aromatherapy Certification Live Class

Don’t miss your opportunity to become an certified aromatherapist! This is an intensive four-day in person live training in aromatherapy certification in Florida with bestselling author, Rebecca Park Totilo. Our live class is set for May 16-19, 2019 at the beautiful Clearwater Beach, Florida. With miles of sugary sand beaches on the Gulf of Mexico!…

What Does Your Acne Say?

One secret to acne management acne is prevention or stopping the condition before it starts or reoccurs. Another is to use any of a variety of treatments that work best for you under the guidance of your healthcare provider or dermatologist. Of course, a natural alternative treatment with essential oils is also an option. We’ve…

Aromatherapy Online Courses

We know how hard it is for everyone to come and spend a few days with us for our aromatherapy certification courses. That is why we are now offering aromatherapy online courses. Now you can get your aromatherapy certification with our 50-hour aromatherapy certification program online course that is designed for the health professional, essential oil distributor or lay person with an interest in the therapeutic uses and applications of essential oils.