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Invite Rebecca For An Aromatherapy Certification Near Me

Looking for an aromatherapy certification near me? Why not gather a group of essential oil lovers together and invite Rebecca Totilo to teach your team or group aromatherapy certification in person? This Live Class is for those who are interested in learning the foundational principles of aromatherapy and are seeking to become qualified in the…

How To Use Essential Oils for Allergies

Wanda Arnold, one of our recent graduates from Texas wanted to use her research paper assignment as a chance to write about how she incorporated essential oils into her family’s daily routine. Being from a dry state (with the exception of dealing with mold caused by hurricane Harvey), she decided she wanted to explore how…

Eczema and Essential Oils

There are many different essential oil combinations that can be used depending on the type of dermatitis/eczema that you are treating. I chose certain combinations, because I prefer those aromas and feel it is always better to choose oils that you would normally gravitate towards, if they also have the therapeutic properties that you need.