Making Your Own Perfume

Who says you can’t make your own perfume? Why pay hundreds of dollars for a large bottle of your favorite perfume when you can easily make your favorite fragrances in the comfort of your own home. Have you ever put your two perfume bottles side by side and wished you could combine them? By making your own perfume, that’s exactly what you can do. Here’s a list of everything you’ll need to begin the art of making your own perfume.

•     Dark bottles to store your perfume

•     3 fragrance or essential oils

•     Cotton swabs or perfume tester strips

•     At least 4 Glass droppers or pipettes

•     Jojoba oil or another carrier oil

•     Plastic sheeting or old newspaper to protect your work space

•      Labels for your bottles

Now that you have your favorite fragrances, also called notes, in front of you, you’re ready to get started. You’re going to want to choose one fragrance from each category: top, base and middle. This will make for the perfect blend.

For those of you that don’t know what Jojoba oil or carrier oil is for, it’s to help dilute and blend your three fragrances together before they’re ready to apply to your skin.

It’s a good idea to do a test sample of the mixture you want to make before actually making the perfume. Choose the fragrances you’re considering using, put a drop of each on a cotton swab, and let sit overnight. If it’s what you want in the morning, you’re all ready to start. A good selection would be Sandalwood for the base, Orchid for the top and Honeysuckle for the middle.

Before you begin, cover your workspace with plastic or old newspaper as the oils can easily stain your table or countertops. You’ll want to use a separate pipette or dropper for each note you use. You should use a basic combination for the perfect blend. This combination consists of one part top, one part middle, two parts base and one part jojoba oil or other carrier oil. For instance, you’ll use one part honeysuckle, one part orchid, one part carrier oil and two parts sandalwood. Keep in mind, each part may be up to 40 drops, depending on your container size.

Using the pipette and squeeze bulb, suck each essence oil into the bulb so it can be put in your storage bottles. You may need to squeeze more than once to get the amount you want. Just make sure you use the right ratios. Remember to use a separate pipette or glass eye dropper for each oil. You will not be using the carrier oil at this time.

When you’re oils are all mixed in the container, put a lid on the container and let them sit for at least a day in a cool dark place. After sitting, the fragrance will intensify. Take the cover off and see if they have the desired scent. If so, you’re ready to add your carrier oil. If not, you can add more essences oils and let it sit longer until you get the desired smell. If you’re satisfied, cover it tightly once again and let it sit. This time you may want to let it sit for at least a week so the fragrances can really get to work. At the end of this sitting period, you should have the perfume of your dreams!

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