Making your own Massage Blends with Essential Oils

Making a massage oil blend with essential oil is very easy for aromatic & therapeutic uses, and today we will show you some basic recipes that you can do at home!

Decide Which Essential Oils to Use

First, you start by deciding which essential oils you want to use depending on the type of massage oil you would like to make and benefit and effect you are looking to achieve from your massage oil.

What do I need to make a Massage Blend with Essential oil?

Begin by choosing what carrier oil, lotion or gel that you would like to use for your blend.

Using the 3-2-1 blending method, in a glass bowl, start with 3 drops of base note essential oil, followed by 6 drops of middle note essential oil, topped with 9 drops of top note essential oil. The total number of drops of essential oils is approximately 18 drops. Its okay to use less if you want. The reason why we put essential oils in that order is to start with the most substantial oil first that will last the longest within the blend, and we don’t want to put too much in there, or it will overpower the mix.

Use a stir rod to blend your oils together. Check the scent to make sure you like it.

Add your essential oils to a one-ounce bottle of carrier oil, lotion, or gel. Shake up your blend, mixing the essential oils together.

Add a label once you are finished, so you’ll remember what the blend is for and the date you created it. Certain carrier oils last longer than others, so check from time to time, if your blend is going rancid.

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