Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oil Arrest Acne

Silent skin attackers creep in overnight unbeknownst to a sleeping princess. With what fright she awoke to see the horror of the success of the stealth attack. “Argh,” she screamed as she peered in the looking glass before her, “I can’t go to school with that on my face.” Overnight a band of rogue bacteria invaded the derma skin layer of our heroine. The loathsome marauders left their mark with a cruel calling card. Acne. The dread of every teenage drama queen.

This drama plays out quite frequently and sets many on a quest for the quick fix. In multiple trips to the drug store for some over the counter remedy many a dollar is spent trying various products. In some cases prescription drugs are prescribed by dermatologists to attack the problem. When all these remedies don’t work, what is there to do?

One of the best natural acne fighters is Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) and it comes from Australia. This antibacterial oil also antifungal, so it is great for warding off those nasty warts too. It is fast acting and can help relieve the infected area while clearing up the bacteria. This oil is good for helping to heal wounds. It has also been found to be effective against dandruff. If you have sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to use a carrier oil to dilute it. Grapeseed oil is excellent for this because it does not clog the pores.

Another great acne crime fighter is Lavender (Lavandula dentate) which comes from different parts of the world. It is very good at preventing acne, however when applied to an existing case it will help to clear it up. Lavender will take the redness out quickly. Like Tea Tree, this oil is best diluted.

Essential oils are wonderful aids to keeping us healthy, but should be used in moderation and used sparingly when undiluted. If pregnant, therapeutic grade essential oils should not be used. Please consult a physician familiar with the use of essential oils before using internally. Tea Tree Oil should never be taken internally.
So let Tea Tree and Lavender be fighters you can count on to arrest your acne problem.
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