How to make perfume with essential oils is becoming a popular thing with consumers becoming more suspicious of chemically-based personal care products. Many are seeking natural alternatives that are healthier and safer for the environment. Perfumes, body splashes, and colognes can be healthy too when created with pure essential oils and absolutes derived from botanical ingredients harvested from the earth. Natural perfumes can be eco-friendly, unlike their lab-created synthetic counterparts whose chemicals are considered toxic environmental hazards.

Now you can make perfume with essential oils – natural fragrances that are subtle, giving you an aura of sweet bliss within your breathing space—only a few feet from your body. When you leave the room, your fragrance goes with you.

In these articles, you will discover how to create natural Eau de parfums that develop in layers, changing gradually with the chemistry of your skin. Working in unison with your body’s chemistry, your fragrance gently evolves into your own signature scent, so you smell like you, not like everybody else. Discover how to create unique fragrances unlike anything on the market that will captivate your senses.

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How to Make Aftershave With Essential Oils

 “When I was a boy, I thought that scent was contained in dewdrops on flowers and if I got up very early in the morning, I could collect it and make perfume.” – Oscar De La Renta Creating a natural aftershave for your husband or partner is a great way to personalize an essential oil blend that they can enjoy. This aftershave recipe uses a three percent concentration of essential oils along with other…

New Book: Natural Perfume With Essential Oil

New Book ‘Natural Perfume with Essential Oil’ Reveals Art of Making Organic, Signature Perfumes at Home (Clearwater, October 24, 2017) – Creating one’s own perfume at home that can rival popular brands is an experience like none other. Introducing the world to this classic art and science is the new book, ‘Natural Perfume With Essential Oil’ by the award winning author and speaker, Rebecca Park Totilo. There are many DIY products, but perfume stand out…

Ancient Methods of Extraction for Making Perfume

Making perfume is an art that’s been around for many centuries. To many, it’s much more than an art. It’s a creation of thought, inspiration and care, resulting in some of the most beautiful fragrances imaginable. Although there have been different methods implemented through the years, the general principle and purpose of making perfume is the same: extracting a desired scent. In a previous blog we covered many methods of extracting fragrances from various plant…

Essential Oils: Understanding Notes When Making Perfume

When planning to make your own perfume, it’s important to understand the basics. When we think of expensive perfume, we automatically think of France, since France is the perfume capital of the world. Although the French did not discover perfume, they were the ones that turned making perfume into a Science.

While the perfumers in France were not the original creators of perfume, they were the geniuses that figured out a way to make the fragrances last longer than a few minutes. Their method was by layering the different fragrances. They started using the three layers that we now call “notes.”

The Ancient Art of Extracting Essential Oils & Making Perfumes & Today’s Methods

According to Miriam Stead, author of “Egyptian Life,” the process of distillation using steam was not known for the extraction of essences, but there were three techniques available for producing perfumes from flowers, fruits and seeds. She writes, “There was enfleurage, the saturation of layers of fat with perfume by steeping flowers in the fat and replacing them when their perfume was spent.