How To Dilute Essential Oils

What is Dilution Rates Anyway?

The Dilution Rate chart in my book: Heal With  Oil  shows you the percentage of pure therapeutic essential oil to use to the number of drops of carrier oil (vegetable oil).  Diluting your oil is mixing the essential oil with a suitable carrier oil, so that you can use it on the skin over a part of the body.  There are different carrier oils (such as Sweet Almond, Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive, Flaxseed, Avocado, Grapeseed Extract, Jojoba, etc.) and you will want to select the best one for your purpose and skin type.  Carrier oils can be purchased from a natural health food store or grocer, but check labels to make sure the one you select is cold pressed oil and is suitable for use on the skin.Â

For general purposes, the dilution rate for essential oils is generally 2% – 3%.  For instance, if you use two-three drops of pure essential oil, you will dilute by adding about a teaspoon of carrier oil.  This should be cut in half for children and senior citizens.Â

Simple Everyday Dilution Chart:Â

2-3 drops of Essential Oil per teaspoon of Carrier Oil
7-8 drops of Essential Oil per Tablespoon of Carrier Oil 
15 drops of Essential Oil per Ounce (30ml) of Carrier OilÂ

Two to three drops of essential oils is the most you should use in an eight-hour period.  Keep in mind, less is best when it comes to essential oils, and it would be wasteful to use more.
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