How to Become A Certified Aromatherapist

How to become a certified aromatherapist is something I get asked often. Over the last couple of decades aromatherapy has surged in popularity as more and more people look to natural alternatives in health and body care. And, its no wonder since essential oils promote healing, emotional well-being and longevity. These plant extracts are a powerful by-product of nature packed with chemical constituents that reach down to the cellular level and restore the body’s natural balance.  This is why there is such a need to “learn aromatherapy online.”

Become a certified aromatherapist with our easy payment plan.With the rising tide of essential oil use, there are many multilevel companies that offer very lucrative opportunities. With the promise of quick financial gain though brings with it some recklessness. Many have embarked on this path with little knowledge of what essential oils are capable of and how to effectively use them.

The power essential oils possess vary in strength and can be harmful if used incorrectly. Some essential oils are phototoxic, which means they can cause irritation of the skin if used and then exposed to bright sunlight. Others with extended use can cause damage to internal organs. These are just a couple of examples of how improper use of essential oils can effect a person. So safety is paramount to proper essential oil usage.

How to Become a Certified Aromatherapist is gaining the  expertise and knowledge of essential oils. It is an excellent way of arming yourself with the knowledge you need to safely and effectively use essential oils.


What are the benefits of becoming a Certified Aromatherapist?

Essential oils are much like music to the body. The essential oil is intelligent enough to be in harmony with the body to bring healing. The Certified Aromatherapist is the conductor which directs which essential note should be used for what symptom. In our Aromatherapy Certification Level 1 course we cover several blending techniques including, Blending by Note.Learn about blending by notes and discover how to become a certified aromatherapist.

Each essential oil is a note based on its evaporation rate and when blended with other essential oils become a synergistic force aiding the body’s immune system in healing. Knowing how much to use, how often, along with understanding the chemistry within each oil is important. A Certified Aromatherapist is trained on how to properly blend essential oils together to exert the maximum benefits.

Some essential oils can be used as food supplements, but not all. A Certified Aromatherapist is aware of which essential oils would be great to spice up your culinary concoctions. We offer a cooking course that shows you how to use essential oils in your kitchen.


How To Become a Certified Aromatherapist and Should You Seek NAHA Certification?

Expert knowledge has always been relied upon when guiding someone in their healthcare, in selling a product. While there is no government sanctioned licensing body in the United States for Aromatherapy, a network of Aromatherapists in 1990 came together and became known as the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA). Their goal was to draft the highest standards to which aromatherapy should conform.

To become a NAHA Certified Aromatherapist, these standards must be met by completing a Level 1 (50 Hour Certification) or Level 2 (200 Hour Certification). These standards insure that the full scope of aromatherapy certification is met and the practice of aromatherapy is safely administered.

Once becoming a NAHA Certified Aromatherapist, you will be confident that you are giving sound and safe advice to individuals interested in incorporating essential oils into their daily lives.

Being a NAHA Certified Aromatherapist will also assist in the growth and promotion of your aromatherapy business.

Join the Tribe at Aroma Hut Institute and discover how to become a certified aromatherapist.Aroma Hut Institute is a NAHA approved Aromatherapy Certification school. Our curriculum has been scrutinized by the review board of NAHA and exceeds their requirements on how to become a Certified Aromatherapist. We offer online and in-person classes for both Level 1 and Level 2 Aromatherapy Certification.

Our curriculum has been assembled by best-selling author, Rebecca Park Totilo. As a NAHA Certified Aromatherapist, she is an expert on how to become a certified aromatherapist. She has written over fifty-two books and is well-versed in the subject of Aromatherapy. Her interactive Aromatherapy Certification course is not only informative but entertaining – chocked full of activities, games and videos, which makes the learning process fun.

Visit our website for more details. What are you waiting for? Become a NAHA Certified Aromatherapist today.

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