Homemade Dishwashing Liquid

How to Make Homemade Dishwashing Liquid | Aroma Hut InstituteDo you like to wash your dishes by hand? This simple recipe shows you how to make homemade dishwashing liquid with essential oils.

Going green in the home means finding ways to use healthy, natural alternatives to chemically-based detergents.  Every now and then I feel like I need to wash my dishes by hand to really get them clean. When I use essential oils like lemon or lavender, I know that they will be sanitized and smell great too. Here is an easy recipe for how to make dishwashing liquid with essential oils. This homemade dishwashing liquid not only sanitizes your dishes, but fills your kitchen with a healthy fragrant scent that heals the body too!


How To Make Homemade Dishwashing Liquid 

What You Need:

10 drops Lemon essential oil
10 drops Lavender essential oil
10 drops Orange essential oil
liquid castile soap or other mildly scented dishwashing liquid

What To Do:

1. Find a clean, empty squeeze bottle (16 ounce) and add oils.
2. Add liquid soap and shake well.
3. Use as normal for handwashing dishes (not suitable for automatic dishwashers).

How to Make Homemade Dishwashing Liquid | Aroma Hut Institute

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