1) Pink Himalayan Salt re-mineralizes the body with minerals and trace elements essential to our health and well being.

2) They can be used for consumption (YES they are Gourmet FOOD GRADE).  Best choice for food is the small grain due to the size. Please do not confuse these salts with other salts on our website though as our primiary business is salts for bathing.

3) They are an ideal solution for bath salts as bathing in Himalayan salt will help to re-mineralize the body, as well as soothing aches and pains and also softening skin.

4) Right NOW we have the Lowest Pricing on PREMIUM Himalayan Pink salts anywhere on the WEB – GUARANTEED.

USES: They are also a great for BATH SALTS to help re-mineralize and soften the skin. These raw salts are Food grade and can be used for consumption.

To Use for Bathing: Dissolve a handful into a warm bath and re-create the mineral rich environment that gave birth to life thousands of years ago.

The Himalaya is a great natural wonder, with breathtaking beauty and visitors often describe the mountains and surrounding area as mysterious and even magical. It is the largest mountain range in the world, reaching 26,000 feet at its peak. The range is 1700 miles across and is located between Assam and Kashmir, stretching across India, Pakistan, China, Nepal, and Bhutan.

Himalayan salt comes from the many intertwining bodies of water located deep within the Himalayan Mountains. It has been known for its natural purity since ancient times, and has always been a staple in the area’s economy. Historically, and up into the present day, it has served as a valuable source of income and as a treasured commodity in remote villages and towns. For centuries, people in the region have travelled once a year to Nepal to trade their precious salt in exchange for food and other items. Himalayan Salt has been known as “King Salt” – back in the day, it was served to royalty; ordinary folks were served other, less expensive sea salt or table salt. In addition to being used as a healthy alternative to regular table salt in cooking, Himalayan salt was used in the preservation of meat, often keeping meat fresh year round.

The salt was valuable not only for its taste and preservation properties – it became quite popular as a therapeutic ingredient in “brine baths”. Himalayan salt was mixed with purified and natural spring water to create “sole”, also known as brine water, to supposedly speed healing in patients with wounds, muscle injury, and other conditions.

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