How To Dilute Essential Oils

The Dilution Rate chart in my book: Heal With Oil shows you the percentage of pure therapeutic essential oil to use to the number of drops of carrier oil (vegetable oil). Diluting your oil is mixing the essential oil with a suitable carrier oil, so that you can use it on the skin over a part of the body.

The Rose of Mary

Rosemary a popular herb for cooking, has medicinal purposes in a Therapeutic Essential Oil form. It has the ability to stimulate cell renewal, stimulate hair growth, boost mental activity, relieve respiratory problems and reduce pain.

Benefits of Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli is a therapeutic grade essential oil and comes from a very fragrant herb and is recognized as being an effective oil in aromatherapy. It is great for combating nervous disorders, helping with dandruff, sores, acne and skin irritations. Some of the more specific properties include: antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobal, antiseptic, antitoxic, antiviral, astringent, bactericidal, carminative, deodorant, digestive and diuretic.