Peppermint Essential Oil

Because of its mostly cool menthol content (85%), Peppermint is found in most liniments to relieve painful muscle spasms and arthritic conditions. Its energetic scent was said to be an aphrodisiac in ancient times.

Essential Oils Safety Guidelines

Because they contain no fatty acids, essential oils are not susceptible to rancidity like vegetable oils – but protect them from the degenerative effects of heat, light and air, store them in tightly sealed, dark glass bottles away from any heat source. Properly stored oils can maintain their quality for years. (Citrus oils are less stable and should not be stored longer than six months after opening.)

Guideline For Determining Essential Oil Quality

How can I determine the quality of the essential oil I am purchasing? A quick search on Google for essential oils suppliers will show that costs for essential oils varies and they vary a lot! How can you decide which oil to purchase? Here are a few factors to help you determine the level of quality of the oil you intend to purchase.

Safety First When You Use Essential Oils

Safety first, when it comes to using essential oils. These are very potent, votatile liquids. In general, you should never use essential oils directly on skin with diluted first (exceptions with Lavender Essential Oil or Tea Tree Essential Oil in some cases, but even these you may want to blend with a carrier oil as…