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Essential Oils for Dogs | Aromatherapy for Dogs

Essential Oils For Dogs Dogs are a part of the family. Its no wonder you want to take care of their health issues with essential oils like you would for your own. But, are essential oils a good idea for the big softies? Pets can be susceptible to essential oils, so proceed with strict caution when using essential oils on your pet. What you might think is fine for you might not be poisonous and…

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Using Essential Oil Safely

In general, the biblical essential oils are safe to use for aroma therapy and other household purposes. Nonetheless, safety must be exercised due to their potency and high concentration. Please read and follow these guidelines to receive the maximum effectiveness and benefits.

Essential Oils for Gout

Use these essential oils for gout as a blend for those who are effected. Apply on location as needed. What essential oils does Rebecca recommend? Fennel, Cypress, and Juniper. Fennel Essential Oil has a long list of properties that benefit the health. The properties that help with gout are as follows: Anti-inflammatory – reduces swelling and inflammation. Depurative – a detoxification alternative which purifies the blood. Most alternatives also promote cleaning action of the spleen, liver,…

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil, a native of Australia, comes from the Eucalyptus Radiata tree, which can grow to the majestic heights of 270 feet. Young trees have oval-shaped bluish green leaves, while the more mature trees have long, narrow leaves and bear creamy-white flowers with a pale green bark. This clear therapeutic grade essential oil has a strong herbaceous scent with a soft woody undertone. Eucalyptus is a welcomed addition to every medicine cabinet for its…

Tea Tree Essential Oil Down Under

Ga’day mates, this week’s featured essential oil is found down-under. Tea Tree essential oil is as important to an Aussie as a jar of Vegemite. This powerful essential oil is a staple in every Australian family’s medicine cabinet. Tea Tree essential oil is a very popular oil in aromatherapy. Unlike its name suggests, it is not from the same source we get our tea beverage from. It is not related to Tea Oil which is…

St. Patrick’s – Peppermint Essential Oil Uses

Studies at the University of Cincinnati have shown Peppermint essential oil to help to improve concentration and mental alertness. Alan Hirsch, MD also discovered this oil helps to trigger the brain’s satiety center in hypothalamus which gives the body a sense of fullness after a meal. Peppermint essential oil can help with body aches and bruises because of the cooling effect by constricting the capillaries. This is because it has about 85% menthol content.

Clove Essential Oil Uses

Clove Essential Oil Uses 1.  Add a few drops of Clove Essential Oil to a simmering pan to dispel household cooking odors. 2.  Selling your home? Fill your kitchen with the aroma of Clove essential oil. Simmer a few drops of Clove essential oil in a pan of water on the stovetop. 3.  Got a toothache? Clove Bud Essential Oil is a great choice. Place a couple of drops of Clove essential oil on gums…

Clove Essential Oil

Clove Essential Oil From the Maluku Islands, known as present day Indonesia’s Spice Islands comes the Clove tree, brought to the Middle East and into Europe well before the first century. During the late 1400’s, the Portuguese cornered the Clove market, assuming control of the Maluku Islands. Spain unwilling to violate a treaty with Portugal, explored new ocean routes to the West Indies to obtain Clove, which led to the discovery of the New World…

Ways to Use Essential Oil | Aroma Hut Institute

Ways To Use Essential Oils

There are different ways of using aromatherapy so if you think inhaling it is the only way, think again because here are a few other options.