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Six Degrees of Separation

abba oilSix Degrees of Separation

While traveling across the US in our RV motorhome, from time to time I had our mail and packages forwarded to where I would be speaking. After holding a meeting in Kansas City, I learned that our “overnight” package had not arrived. The news made me feel almost naked and vulnerable – we desperately needed the finances in that express mail envelope to propel us forward.

All the prayer and intercession from the city of saints didn’t seem to change our circumstances – that package just wasn’t going to magically appear and we were going to be camping out in a casino parking lot until it did.

Early the next morning the gentlemen who hosted us called and said that there was a “very wealthy lady” (his words exactly) who would like to have my family over for lasagna. The idea of a delicious homemade meal (that didn’t have Stouffer’s written on it) appealed to my Italian stallions. Okay, now I know what you are thinking (ME TOO!). The host made such a big deal about the lady being wealthy and supporting all the big ministries, you couldn’t help but think that she was going to be the answer to our prayer! But, something much more interesting happened.

While there, a friend of hers dropped by to visit. She was an flight attendant and had just flown in from Israel. As we sat around the table, I shared about my books and passion for the oils. She immediately perked up and said, “I have a friend who attends a bible study once a month, and I think this is the week they meet. Let me call her.” Sure enough, she was right. Not only was it this month, but that NIGHT.

Her friend on the phone was equally excited and said yes, this sounds quite interesting. However, she explained, “I am not the leader of the study. I will have to call her and see what she thinks.” When she called back she said the leader of the study thought it would great to have me come and share, but she had to ask the lady who’s house it was being held at.”

Within hours, I was at the meeting with a handful of ladies. I spoke briefly about the spiritual significance of each oil as I passed each one around. What really amazed me was their response! They left with armloads of products and we had sold almost $700 worth of oils. Now, that may not seem significant as pure essential oils can be costly; however, at that time not knowing any better I had only “Abba Oil” with me which are beautifully fragrant anointing oils. I truly loved Abba Oil’s products, but after learning about the difference between pure essential oils and fragrant oils, there was simply no going back.

We were blessed with the finances to continue our mission and our package arrived safely the next morning! Yippee! But, what I really found amazing was how many people it took to reach my audience. Were you counting? That was six people – or six degrees of separation.

The adage goes that we are all connected to one another and are simply only six people away from knowing one another by way of introduction or from any other person in the world. Think about it – you are only six people away from knowing the President of the United States or another important dignitary. This is really the best way to share about essential oils – a friend of a friend can help make the connection for you and your success in this business.

Let’s chat if you are interested in starting a new career in aromatherapy. You can email me at if you would like to get more information about aromatherapy certification, I would be happy to walk you through our plan and share details by phone at 727-688-2115. I look forward to speaking with you!