How to Make Organic Bath Salts With Essential Oils

Dead Sea salt is great for distributing essential oils throughout the bath when making organic bath salts with essential oils. Use approximately 8-12 drops of essential oils per cup of salt, depending on the strength of the oil. You may want to dd more or less, a few drops at a time, depending on your personal preference. In this blend, I added Epsom salts, baking soda, and dead sea salts then added essential oils throughout.

Aromatic baths are a wonderful natural alternative to modern medicine when it comes to treating common ailments and mood swings. You will find many types of sea salt beauty products on the market today that can easily be made at home. Salts for the bath alone have many therapeutic properties. The most popular areas salts come from including the Himalayas, the Dead Sea, the Pacific Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA. Each kind plays a particular role in the health of our body and skin.

Epsom salt is commonly used as a bath salt and has many benefits such as reducing the prune look of skin. Because the salt changes the osmotic balance of the bathwater, it allows your skin to absorb more water. Magnesium sulfate, one of the main components in bath salts, has anti-inflammatory properties which help the body to stay healthy by avoiding a cellular breakdown. Phosphates, which are also found in bath salts, soften the skin and calluses, helping to exfoliate the skin and keep it smooth.

Diseases such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis are actually treated with high concentrations of sea salt in water; this is why many people with these and other skin ailments go to the Dead Sea for therapy. Other physical benefits from sea salts include the stimulation of natural circulation, relief from athlete’s foot, removing corns and calluses, and relaxation of tense and aching muscles. Rheumatism and arthritis, as well as chronic lower back pain, can be cured with high concentrations of sea salt in water.


How to Make Organic Bath Salts With Essential Oils