New Book: Natural Perfume With Essential Oil

New Book ‘Natural Perfume with Essential Oil’ Reveals Art of Making
Organic, Signature Perfumes at Home

(Clearwater, October 24, 2017) – Creating one’s own perfume at home that can rival popular brands is an experience like none other. Introducing the world to this classic art and science is the new book, ‘Natural Perfume With Essential Oil’ by the award winning author and speaker, Rebecca Park Totilo.

There are many DIY products, but perfume stand out from the rest. Apart from the thrill of making one’s own signature perfume, one can also formulate a natural and organic product that is safe and made with eco-friendly practice. ‘Natural Perfume With Essential Oil’ is the latest attempt to make the reader discover how to create unique fragrances unlike anything on the market that will captivate the senses.

In her new book, Rebecca introduces the classic perfumery techniques and processes that are used by the mainstream perfume industry. The readers of the book will discover, apart from the details, fine methods to blend, dilute, age and bottle their own signature scent, and event make a rival to popular brands.

‘Natural Perfume With Essential Oil’ uses ingredients that are pure essential oils and absolutes derived from botanical ingredients. Those worried about wearing lab manufactured perfumes can breathe easy and make their own natural perfume following the methods described in the book.

“In this book, I’ve detailed methods to create natural fragrances that are subtle, giving you an aura of sweet bliss within your breathing space—only a few feet from your body. When you leave the room, your fragrance goes with you,” says Rebecca, some of whose works have sold over a million copies.

Going beyond the basics, the book also outlines making natural Eau de parfums that develop in layers, changing gradually with the chemistry of the skin. With time, the fragrance combines with the body’s chemistry to create a personal signature scent that is different and uniquely belongs to the wearer.

Published by Rebecca at the Well Foundation, ‘Natural Perfume With Essential Oil’ is now available online at bookstores everywhere.


About Rebecca Park Totilo

Rebecca Park Totilo is an award-winning writer of both inspirational and instructional books and has authored over 52 titles, including “Organic Beauty With Essential Oil,” “Natural Perfume With Essential Oil,” and “How To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally With Essential Oil.” Rebecca is a NAHA Certified Aromatherapist and founder of Aroma Hut Institute, an international aromatherapy school offering online certification. She lives by the beach in Florida with her husband and children. Please visit her websites at and

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