Nature Provides Us With God Medicine

Plants and Trees were created by God for food and god medicine. Within these marvelous miraculous creations runs the essential oil that is the lifeblood of the plant. Within this essential oil are constituents that give the oil the ability to heal. These constituents vary from plant to plant and tree to tree. This is why there are such a diverse amount of essential oils to choose from.

Essential Oils are known to be god medicine and  different from year to year because of the changing variables that go in to growing them. For instances, weather can effect the potency of the oil, geographical location, soil, and many other factors. This is why when you purchase an Essential Oil from Heal With Essential Oil today, the fragrance may be different next time you order.

This is God’s way of outsmarting the bacteria and viruses, by not allowing them to build up a tolerance to the essential oil.

These oils have overlapping constituents can help with a main symptom and might help with at secondary issue. When two essential oils are combined they are known to aromatherapists as a Synergy Blend. This gives the essential oil the power to deal with problems more effectively. When you combine that with prayer to the Creator of these Essential Oils, that is a powerful combination.

We have put together some of the finest essential oils in the world for you and have compiled a list of all their benefits. Please visit our blog on Essential Oil Profiles to read about each one.

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