Move Free – For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The pain and numbness of carpal tunnel syndrome is the result of the median nerve, which runs down the arm to the hand, being pinched, compressed, or somehow pressured as it passes through the carpal tunnel. The tunnel itself is made up of ligaments and bone, seated at the base of the hand, that creates a space for the nerve and flex tendons of the hand to pass through. The median nerve rests on top of the tendons as it passes through to the hand. It then divides into two branches, one branch to the thumb, the other to the index and middle fingers and half of the ring finger. The pinky finger is usually unaffected by symptoms except in severe cases of the syndrome.

Pressure on the median nerve can cause numbness and tingling around the thumb and first two fingers. It is often accompanied by weakness in the hand, making simple tasks like picking up a coffee cup or gripping a pencil, difficult and painful. Pain is more often worse during the night and in the mornings. The reason for this is that most people sleep with their wrists flexed or sleeping on their lower arms and hands. This can be so painful as to awaken the person from sleep. Because the median nerve is what causes sensations in the palm and fingers it branches into, as well as relaying messages to the small muscles, particularly at the base of the thumb, it can result in atrophy to those muscles if left untreated. The less those muscles are able to be used, the more weak the hand will become and the less it will be able to do. The affected fingers may also lose their touch sensitivity to heat or cold.

Before doing my research for this blend, I was under the impression that carpal tunnel syndrome was primarily caused by excessive repetitive motion of the hands and wrist. While this does aggravate the problem, clinical studies don’t support it being a primary cause. More often it’s simply a matter of being born with a carpal tunnel that is smaller than normal. Trauma or injury to the wrist, by way of a sprain or fracture that causes inflammation and swelling is another leading cause of the syndrome. Rheumatoid arthritis, fluid retention, a cyst or tumor in the tunnel or wrist, mechanical problems with the wrist joint itself, repetitive use of vibrating hand tools, are all possible causes of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Women are more likely to have the condition because their bones and supporting structures are smaller than that of men. Carpal tunnel syndrome is only found in adults. Stresses and injuries to the hands and wrist take their toll over time. Being so vital to almost everything we do, the hands and wrist are probably the least likely to be able to truly rest and relax.

What does this blend do?

Aniseed essential oil is for pain relief and will reduce any swelling or tenderness in the area.

Known to speed up pain relief, German Chamomile essential oil acts as a cooling, relaxing tonic for the nerves. Because it helps reduce the swelling, pain, and tenderness, German chamomile oil is often used for inflamed joints, carpal tunnel, and tendonitis. It will help to promote good sleep to sufferers so much in need of sleep for rest and to aid the healing process.

Ginger’s health benefits have been used for thousands of years, around the globe, and in many different cultures. It’s used here for it’s assistance with the pain, swelling, inflammation, and support of weakness in the nerves.


chamomile-blossoms-776851_640German Chamomile is considered non-irritating, non-toxic, with possible skin irritation if oxidized.

Aniseed should not be used if pregnant, breast-feeding; with estrogen related cancers or if conditions of diabetes, epilepsy, heart, or bleeding disorders are present or taking medications for same.

With this and with any blend you make, if you are under a doctor’s care, he should be consulted before employing alternative or complementary health protocols.

This blend is less than 1% dilution ration as recommended for blends using Aniseed and Ginger essential oils.

Usage Instructions

This lotion oil can be used daily as needed for pain, swelling, inflammation, and numbness in the wrist, hand, and fingers. Dab with cotton ball onto hand and wrist and gently massage in.

Ingredients and Tools

  • carrier: 1 oz. Carrier oil. Grapeseed oil was used in making this blend.
  • essential oils – 1 drops Ginger (Base note)

2 drops German Chamomile (Middle note)

3 drops Aniseed (Top note)

  • One-ounce bottle – tinted preferably to reduce exposure to light


  • Pour the carrier oil into the bottle.
  • Follow with the oils, starting with the Ginger, then German Chamomile, then Aniseed.
  • Cap and gently shake to mix.


  • If you’d like to stay away from the Aniseed because of the safety precautions, either Eucalyptus or Peppermint essential oils could be used in it’s place.
  • You can use this in a roll-on bottle instead of a simple capped bottle.
  • Any carrier oil that flows well can be used, even castor oil, despite it being a little thicker than some.