We are looking for headhunters!

We Are Looking for Headhunters
If you love essential oils as much as I do, you know how easy it is to tell others about aromatherapy and share their wonderful benefits! The healthcare system is a jungle out there and people are desperately looking for alternatives! Because this is one of the fastest growing industries, simply selling essential oils is not enough. There are a lot of choices and competition in the market for quality essential oils and they need people like you to show them how to use them! That is why we are looking for headhunters. To be honest, I started out over a decade ago just selling essential oils on the road from my RV and discovered quickly that most of my time and energy was in “teaching” people how to use them (for free) and to be frank, I wasn’t making much money selling them one book or a bottle of lavender for $6.95! We sank deep in debt due to my lack of treating this as a business and not as a “ministry.” Since we didn’t have any other income, I wasn’t able to continue my “passion” due to the fact I was literally giving away my oils and not able to pay my bills.Don’t get me wrong…people need to be educated on their safe uses and benefits. This is one of the reasons I now offer an Aromatherapy Certification Program (online and in-person) that is NAHA approved. After I came off the road, I pursued becoming a certified aromatherapist, which was a huge investment for my family (but one that I was sure would pay off unlike all my other pursuits). Not only has it been rewarding to become a certified aromatherapist, but I have been able to turn it into a “real income” teaching others about oils.


I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would have my own TRUE “rag to riches” story to share (like all these bogus internet marketers claim to have but don’t). It still amazes me (I will share more details in another blog). Let me just say that in the last year (and mostly in the last nine months) of working hard to get my aromatherapy school off the ground, I have been able to pay off all credit cards (over $30k), my husband’s two years of back taxes, and literally become debt-free. I am now on track to pay off over $110,000 (this is the payoff amount owed on the RV that was repossessed by the bank in 2011 – which is when my family and I became homeless and ended up sleeping on the floor of my shop for weeks)!

So, now I thrilled to share with you how I did it and HOW YOU CAN TOO! Maybe you aren’t in the horrible place I was in with being homeless and having to take showers at the REC center, but believe me when I say the plan I have devised works!

What is good about it, is you can do it online from anywhere in the world or you can have a brick and mortar small store or training center specializing in aromatherapy oils and training. Whichever way you decide in doing your aromatherapy business, you have to keep in mind some important considerations before finally starting your own small business.

With all that said, if you are interested in learning more about how to start your own “aromatherapy school” let’s talk! We have a teacher training course coming up soon (check our website for dates) available for graduate students of Level 2 and Aroma Hut Institute franchises available throughout the US and aboard.

Please email me at info@aromahut.com if you would like to get information…sorry, I do not have anything formal brochures to mail you, but I would be happy to walk you through our plan and share details by phone at 727-688-2115. I look forward to speaking with you!