Lemon Essential Oil

Citrus Limonum tree, a small thorny evergreen tree grown in India, as well as Israel, Europe, Florida and California delights us with the zesty fruit of Lemon from which we get lemon essential oil. From the peel or rind of the fruit, we obtain its invigorating light yellow essential oil that has a thin consistency, with a rich aroma.

During the middle ages, Lemon essential oil gained popularity for its therapeutic properties among the Greeks and Romans. It especially increased notoriety when the British began using the fruit to keep their sailors from contracting scurvy.

Lemon essential oil uses are numerous. It has been historically recognized as a cleanser and as being antiseptic, and having refreshing and cooling properties. Research has also shown lemon essential oil to enhance the ability to concentrate.Lemon is highly prized for its high anti-bacterial properties. On skin and hair it can be used for its cleansing effect, as well as for treating cuts and boils.

This light yellow therapeutic grade essential oil is taken from the peel of the fruit from the Citrus limonum tree. Lemon oil has thin consistency but has richer more concentrated aroma then the rind from which is taken. The oil is extracted by cold pressing.

The small thorny evergreen tree Lemon comes from India, but is now found in Southern Europe, Florida and California. It was very popular in Europe during the middle ages, the Greeks and Romans were aware of the oil’s therapeutic properties. However it gained its notoriety when the British began using the fruit to keep their sailors from contracting scurvy.

Its wide range includes Lemon oil’s capability as an antiseptic to treating stress disorders.  In Japan, a study has shown that Lemon essential oil vapor has anti-stress effects by modulating both the Serotonin and Dopamine neurotransmitter systems. The study’s conclusion stated that Lemon essential oil has both anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects. Other research in Japan showed a significant improvement in mental accuracy for office workers inhaling the aroma. Another recently published study showed that Lemon essential oil actually limits the toxicity of scopolamine, which causes dementia and memory loss. Lemon oil actually prevented these effects from occurring.

The health benefits of lemon essential oil can be attributed to its stimulating, calming, carminative, anti-infection, astringent, detoxifying, antiseptic, disinfectant, sleep inducing, and antifungal properties. These benefits of lemon oil include its ability to treat stress disorders, fever, infections, asthma, over weight, insomnia, skin disorders, hair disorders, stomach problems and tiredness.

It has also been effective against infectious diseases like, typhoid and malaria.

Lemon is very popular because it has a good taste and is low cost and is good for cooking, digestion, health and is a good source of vitamins. Because of the high content of vitamins it strengthens the immune system and stimulates the white blood cells helping the body to better fight diseases. It also helps to improve circulation in the body.

This oil is beneficial to increasing alertness and concentration. Lemon also helps to relieve stress, mental fatigue, anxiety, and nervous tension. It is also been helpful to promote good sleep.

Other uses of Lemon include cramps, acidity, upset stomachs, weight reduction, and asthma. It is also a good disinfectant for cleaning, good in soaps and cosmetics.

Lemon oil blends well with many other essential oils including lavender, rose oil, tea tree cinnamon, rosemary.

Lemon Essential Oil Uses

1. For smelly shoes, place a couple drops of Lemon essential oil directly in the shoes, or dabbed on a cotton ball and placed inside shoes.

2.  Place a few drops of Lemon essential oil on a cotton ball and place inside your vacuum cleaner bag.

3.  Apply one drop of Lemon essential oil directly to a wart everyday until it’s gone.

4.  Add a few drops of Lemon essential oil to a spray bottle filled with water and spray throughout your house to freshen up.

5.  Add one drop of Lemon essential oil to a soft cloth to polish copper with gentle buffing.

6.  For cleaning out the refrigerator or freezer, add one drop of Lemon essential oil to the final rinse water.

7.  For acne, try liquefying cabbage leaves with witch hazel then strain.  Add two drops of Lemon essential oil.  Use as a lotion.

8.  To treat troubled skin conditions, dab a couple drops of Lemon essential oil to your face and leave overnight. Wash off with warm water the next morning.

9.  Baby got the sniffles? Add 2-4 drops of Lemon essential oil to a vaporizer (diffuser).

10.  Place a couple of drops of Lemon essential oil on cotton balls and leave in specific areas to repel insects.

11.  Did you know Lemon essential oil has hemostatic properties? It helps stops bleeding and with its bactericidal properties, it makes a wonderful wash for scrapes and cuts.

12.  To detox, use Lemon essential oil in a lymphatic drainage massage.

13.  Add a few drops of Lemon essential oil to a massage blend to help alleviate varicose veins.  It is also helpful for the circulatory system and cleanses the blood.

14.  Add a drop of Lemon oil to counteract acidity for rheumatic conditions, gout, arthritis and digestive issues. Lemon essential oil stimulates secretions from the stomach, liver and pancreas and supports the production of white blood cells.

15.  Lemon essential oil is useful in skin care to brighten the complexion for oily skin.  It also treats wrinkles and brown spots.

16.  Add several drops of Lemon essential oil to a burner or room spray to help prevent the spread of infection.

17.  Place a drop of Lemon essential oil on your toothbrush with toothpaste to whiten teeth.

18.  Add 6 to 10 drops of Lemon essential oil to a spray bottle of water and spray it all over your pet’s body, especially head and behind ears to get rid it of fleas.

19. Got cockroaches? Spray Lemon essential oil on problem areas.

20. Dab Lemon essential oil on socks and clothing to ward off ticks.