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Cedarwood Took The Lump Out!

From time to time, I get a note from a friend or acquaintance who shares their story and success from using essential oils. Sometimes it might be for a “mystery” annoyance or something that just suddenly appears from nowhere on their body! Here is one testimony:

I am writing to share with you a testimony. A couple of months back I developed a lump on the back of my neck about the size of a marble. After having it for about 3 weeks I started to get concerned. Then one day my husband accidentally rolled over in his sleep and hit the lump on my neck with his heavy hand/arm. Apparently the lump burst.

They next morning the entire right side of my head and neck were swollen. The lump was now more like a hard, flattened, quarter-sized jelly fish. I couldn’t turn my neck to the right. I debated all morning whether or not I should go o the ER. However, my daughter and grandchildren were visiting from out of state and we were on our way to a condo in St. Augustine, FL. I didn’t want to spend time away from them in a hospital. I called a friend, who called our chiropractor and I did some internet research. We determined it to be lymphatic in nature and I felt comfortable trying to treat it myself for a few days. Not much helped. I didn’t have my essential oils with me in St. Augustine. However, when I got home, I had dinner with some friends. They gave me Cedarwood Oil and I put it on the lump with no carrier oil. The next day it was down about 50%. Then it disappeared in the next few days and has not returned. The reason my friend told me about it is because her child also had a lump on their leg, and the Cedarwood took it away. So, I now have 2 bottles of Cedarwood. The aroma is wonderful and I’ve learned since that it has so many great applications.

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