Bum Smoother – Cellulite Smoothing Spray

Argh!! Summer is coming and you’ll want to wear your shorts and tank tops, and bathing suits. But there you stand – in front of the full-length mirror – trying on last year’s swimsuit and staring dismally at the cellulite that has continued its march over your thighs and belly.  Skillfully hid through the cold months by blue jeans and sweaters, you silently consider how to do that with a bathing suit. Let me repeat myself, “Argh!!”

There is no “cure” for cellulite because it’s not a dysfunction. It’s who we are. It’s how we, women especially, were made. It’s not a disease or condition. It is our perfectly natural body composition to have fat cells beneath the skin. Ninety percent of all women everywhere, of every shape and size, will have cellulite sometime in their lives. Even skinny women aren’t exempt. It’s those little fat cells growing in size and number pushing outward on the skin.

In ways, you influence your own amount of cellulite. The eating habits and weight maintenance we have, exercise and rest routines, whether or not you smoke, will all factor in. Cellulite makeup is in your genes. Hormones such as estrogen and insulin are seen in medical research to contribute to the production of cellulite.

What can you do?  Your body, without you thinking about it, is always moving in direction of homeostasis. Switching to a healthier diet and exercise living program can reduce the cellulite and tone the skin and muscles for greater elasticity. Essential oils can assist with the body’s inside job of breaking down and ridding itself of these excess fat cells. Less fat cells means less cellulite.


What does this blend do?

All of the three essential oils used in this blend – Balsam, Juniper Berry, and Lemon, are rich in monoterpenes. They will assist in stimulating the circulatory and immune systems, helping to break down the fat cells, discard the waste, and enhance the overall wellness of the skin.

Balsam is stimulating and warming. Areas affected with cellulite tend to be colder due to poor blood circulation.  As a diuretic Balsam will help remove toxins through urination.

The notable contribution of Juniper Berry essential oil in this blend is it’s role as a depurative, cleansing the blood of toxins from within – uric acid and hormone waste, and without – pollution and heavy metals. It will also promote sweating to rid the body of toxins and excess salt and water. As a rubefacient it will increase blood circulation below the skin where it is applied. Like Balsam, it is also a diuretic.

Stimulating to the immune and digestive systems, Lemon essential oil has a long history of helping rid the body of toxins. It helps breakdown the fat, and will reduce the acidity of the body. Lemon essential oil is nourishing for the skin.

The overall activity of this blend is to attack the cellulite on the inside and to diminish their appearance on the outside with the blood circulation stimulation and nourishment to the skin’s outer layers.




Balsam and Juniper Berry essential oils are generally non-toxic, non-irritating. Lemon can be skin sensitizing for some so a patch test is recommended. Lemon is phototoxic so I wouldn’t recommend using it immediately before going to the beach or sun tanning even if you aren’t typically sensitive to it.

This blend is less than 1% dilution.


Usage Instructions

The best time to use this spray would be after a shower or bath when your pores have been cleansed allowing the oils to penetrate easier. Keeping in mind the photosensitivity of the Lemon, the spray can be used as often as you like. Spray directly onto areas of the body with cellulite, particularly the thighs, buttocks, and mid-section.


Ingredients and Tools

  • carrier: 2 ozs / ¼ cup Floral Water
  • essential oils – Balsam (Base note) 2  drops
  • Juniper Berry (Middle note) 4  drops
  • Lemon (Top note) 6  drops
  • Spray bottle – tinted preferably to reduce exposure to light



  • Pour the 2 ounces of floral water into your spray bottle
  • Add the essential oils to the spray bottle
    • start with 2 drops Balsam
    • then 4 drops Juniper Berry
    • end with 6 drops Lemon
  • Cap the bottle and shake to mix



  • Use a small glass or dish and combine the essential oils, in the same order as above, to each other first. Swirl to mix and then add as a whole to the floral water. This method will permit the frequencies and component properties of each to synergize as a group, as a true blend.



The properties of Ginger essential oil would make it a good substitute for the Balsam in this blend, but be careful as it is a hot oil and would carry caution with pregnancy. Cedarwood, more similar to Balsam, can also be used.

To make a roll-on, substitute the floral water for grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil will help circulation in the lower extremities further aiding in the expelling of fat wastes.

In putting together the research to do this particular blend, the over-riding theme that kept coming to mind was, Love yourself, and Love your body. Diet, exercise, and rest will continue to be major factors in your appearance. Nourishment of body, mind, and soul are equally important. They’re simply choices that you make.