Is Aromatherapy Oils Safe for Dogs?

Just as aromatherapy can be good for humans, it can also help our pets and provide them with the needed healing (both emotional and therapeutic) effects of aromatherapy.  However, it is extremely important to remember that animals are much different than humans.

It is best to consult a qualified aromatherapy practitioner who is familiar with and comfortable about working with animals. A recommended book on this topic is Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals by Kristen Leigh Bell, written in 2002. This book is considered a major resource on how aromatherapy affects animals.

Aromatherapy for pets is a growing alternative healing method to heal and cure various emotional and health related issues with pets. I once thought that my dog had it easy. After the end of a very stressful day I often have wished that I had the life of my dog. It seems very simple and not overly complicated. Yet the more I learned about my dog I was quickly learning that they have good days and bad days just like I do. Often the emotions I carry with me in time become the emotions of my dog. Dogs are very dependent on their owners for just about everything. Whether it is food or just wanting attention they are dependent on us. Dogs do experience happiness, fear, anger, and love.

A greater number of dogs are living indoors more and more and are losing their primal abilities. Dogs that roam outside freely can appear much happier not just because they got to run around all day, but they spend the day smelling all sorts of things, smelling everything natural. Aromatherapy for pets is increasingly a growing and proven alternative means of healing for both physical diseases and emotional disorders. I want to share with you one quick example of a recipe that will work wonders with your beloved dog.

Reduce Nervousness and Hyperactivity

If you are like me and has a dog that can easily become nervous or hyperactive, an all natural aromatherapy recipe and cure your problem very quickly. Just mix together six drops of Lavender, two drops of Roman Chamomile, and four drops Petitgrain along with your standard mixture amount of carrier oil and apply lightly to both the spine and the head of your dog.

Now I must confess that if your dog has never smelled anything natural in his life you will need to allow your dog time to smell the essential oils to see how he reacts at first. If the response is negative at first it is important to get him use to the smell. Placing that recipe in a diluted mist form and spraying it where your dog sleeps and mostly roams will help break him into aromatherapy for pets. It is always important to follow a specific guide that can give you detailed examples of how to properly apply any type of aromatherapy for pets. The above recipe is a proven natural method that will calm your dog down in a short amount of time.

I recently created a powerpoint presentation that explains how you can use Aromatherapy oils on your dog. Imagine helping your best buddy with arthritis pain, anxiety, skin problems, lethargy, bad breath etc and all using purely natural plant extracts in the form of essential oils.

I tried some of the blends on my dog and the result was fantastic and he smells great too. It’s very rewarding to pamper your pooch!