Aromatherapy Effects Brain – Understand How

Aromatherapy Effects Brain

Perhaps the usefulness of aromatherapy may not be so obvious to you either. It is helpful to understand how aromatherapy actually works in order to understand how it can help. The primary effects of aromatherapy are on the limbic system in the brain. The limbic system has been described by the medical community as a set of brain structures that support a variety of functions. The functions that the limbic system of the brain maintains include both the motion and memory brain functions. This system of the brain operates in tandem with the endocrine system and the automatic nervous system. Through the endocrine system, the limbic system can influence the amount of pleasure that is felt. The same part of the brain plays a role in sexual arousal as well as other high endorphin moments.

Because of the large role that a scent can play in bringing a specific memories or emotions, aromatherapy can be a useful tool to utilize or apply therapy to the limbic system of the brain.

There are various aromatherapy scents and related feelings to these scents, the smells are designed to remind the person taking them of a happy time or place that the person has had at some point within their life. That limbic system response is why many aromatherapy products have some success using smells that are season oriented. Many times, the cinnamon candle can remind someone of Christmas or give him or her all of the Christmas season feelings.

Have you ever wondered why a certain sense or smell will remind you of places, people, or things? Have you ever noticed that some smells will make you feel warm and comfortable and remind you of places where you were happy and other smells can have the opposite effect? This is very similar to how aromatherapy works. The scents and smells will evoke certain responses within your body that will produce a particular response or effect.