How To Combat Radiation Sickness

Radiation Sickness is the result of exposure to large doses of Radiation. These large doses may be caused by Nuclear Reactor Meltdowns, a nuclear detonation or radiation treatment for cancer. It is becoming a real possibility that radiation sickness may occur in high population centers. Knowing how to combat radiation sickness is important.

The chances of a nuclear attack by terrorists has increased in recent years. Terror groups have been able to secure suitcase sized nukes that have gone missing from the former Soviet Union. They can use a dirty bomb which only requires radioactive material, which is used in large amounts in hospitals, plus a small amount of explosives. This combination of materials can inject large amounts of radiation into the winds to spread radiation to a unprepared populace.

The number of rogue nations possessing nuclear tipped missiles capable of reaching the United States is growing thanks to the support of Russia and China. Recent tests by Iran and North Korea show their technology curve is advancing faster than expected. This gives them the ability to unleash atomic weapons in almost any part of the world.

At present the arsenals of nuclear weapons these nations have is not large, however any use will cause major problems and have serious consequences. A counterattack will probably ensue escalating hostilities which could engulf the entire world in a war.

A nuclear attack unleashes a silent killer that spreads a more deadly threat; Radiation. When a nuclear device is detonated, building material and dirt are sucked into the burst of radioactive energy and is irradiated becoming fallout. The radioactive fallout is scattered in all directions and carried on the wind for many hundreds of miles to breathed by those unaffected by the initial blast. The fallout has the potential to do more damage then thermal blast. This is why dirty bombs are considered extremely dangerous.

A terrorist attack depends on heavy civilian casualties via radiation sickness. This sickness can kill hours, days, weeks, months and even years after an attack. No one knows the full impact these attacks will have since a large scale nuclear incident has yet occur. We need to be prepare, to combat the effects of radiation sickness.

A little known fact, many conventional weapons fielded by many modern artilleries are now using depleted Uranium 235 for density in their ammunition. This ammunition is used abundantly by an invasion force. While blowing things up, the dust and building materials are being pulverized becoming irradiated also. Battlefields are becoming radioactive hazardous areas and the dust kicked up gets in the wind exposing the civilian population to radiation.

Another target for terrorist will be nuclear power plants. Many may remember the Russian power plant, Chernobyl. The plant went critical and the core melted down and irradiated the water and air supply. Many thousands died from radiation sickness over many years.

Radiation sickness occurs when a person is exposed to an excessive amount of radiation Symptoms occur due to exposure to ionizing radiation such as gamma or x-rays.

Symptoms appear in an orderly fashion and can begin to occur within and hour from heavy doses or up to a week after exposure. Exposure can come in two ways: very large concentrated doses (acute) or over prolonged exposure (chronic). Chronic exposure begins to manifest in the form of cancer, premature aging and birth defects on offspring.

The medical industry uses, roentgens, to measure the exposure to radiation from gamma rays and x-rays. The amount of radiation the body is exposed to begins to build up and at about 100 roentgens, radiation sickness will occur. At about 400 roentgens death occurs in about half of the people exposed and if not medical attention is received the person will die in 30 days or less.

At 100,000 roentgens, unconscious will occur and death will ensue.

It is impossible to determine the amount of exposure to radiation when an incident occurs. However the best way to gauge the severity of the exposure is the length of time between the exposure and the onset of symptoms, the severity of symptoms, and severity of changes in white blood cells. If vomiting occurs an hour after the exposure, the person has received a lethal dose.

Dr. David Stewart says regarding chemotherapy radiation about the white blood cells:

Use lots of Cypress (Essential) Oil. It builds blood corpuscles, especially the white cells. Apply it on the skin, breathe it and take capsules of it. It will accelerate the rebuilding of your immune system after chemo has destroyed it. The doctors will be amazed at the speed of recovery from chemo when Cypress Oil is used like this.

Symptoms of Radiation sickness are:

1 Nausea or Vomiting
2 Bleeding from the nose, mouth, gums, and rectum
3 Bloody stool
4 Bruising
5 Dehydration
6 Diarrhea
7 Fainting
8 Fatigue
9 Hair loss
10 Inflammation of exposed areas (redness, tenderness, swelling, bleeding)
11 Mouth ulcers
12 Open sores on the skin
13 Skin burns (redness, blistering)
14 Sloughing of skin
15 Ulcers in the esophagus, stomach or intestines
16 Vomiting Blood
17 Weakness

You may be the only one available to provide first aid to a victim of radiation sickness and there are a few guidelines you should follow.

Care for the victim if you have protective gear to keep from becoming contaminated.

  1. Check the person’s breathing and pulse.
  2. Administer CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) if necessary.
  3. Remove the person’s contaminated clothing. Seal it in a bag and dispose of it to abate any further contamination.
  4. Vigorously wash body with soap and water.
  5. Dry the body and wrap with soft, clean blanket.
  6. If possible, call for emergency medical help and take the person to nearest hospital.

Recommendations for Treatment

If emergency medical facilities are not available for treatment use the Nuke-Ess Essential oil blend available in the ORIGINAL BUG OUT BOX, to help ease the symptoms of the radiation sickness. This blend will help with the repopulation of destroyed white blood cells with Cypress and ease the effects of sickness with Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca). Lavender helps with the radiation burns and Myrtle to help with the thyroid.

In the event of an imminent Nuclear attack one must be prepared for the immediate problems that will ensue. Large amounts of radiation attack the Thyroid gland and dump large amount of iodine to protect the thyroid. However there is a way to protect the thyroid by using Potassium Iodide (KI) to block the thyroid. These tablets are available on many websites and every family should have a 14 day supply.

However in the event KI is not available the following article was provide by for an alternative in an emergency situation. (SEE PLAN B).