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How To Get Rid of Dust Mites in Your Mattress

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3d Render Of Dust Mite. Allergy House Hygiene BedDust Mites are small and tiny creatures that are not visible to the naked eye, but they are present. Dust mites as the name suggests are creatures that eat, live, and breed in the dust i.e. dust mites in mattress. Dust mites are not nocturnal but attack mostly during the night. Dust mites can be found in your bed, hiding in your mattress, your pillows, your blankets, and just about anyplace where there may be dust particles. Dust mites are known to survive by eating layers of the human skin, more like the flakes of the human skin and they need a dry atmosphere to survive. Dust mites may seem pretty harmless at first, but a large number of dust mites can cause a huge amount of problems. Dust mites cause allergies; these allergies can be termed as indoor allergies, as opposed to outdoor allergies. These unassuming creatures cause allergies that may lead to hay fever or even asthma.

A recent study shows that over 40% of the homes in the United States have dust mites that are way above the danger level and can cause severe asthmatic conditions. The average life span of a male Dust Mite is around 45 days; the average lifespan of a female Dust Mite is around 70 days. The average female Dust Mite lays around 100 eggs in her entire life span. Dust mites cannot survive in a moist atmosphere, however, humid climates always boost their energy levels, and this is largely due to the lack of direct water intake on the Dust Mites part. Dust mites largely rely on absorbing water through their shells.


Why Worry About Dust Mites in Mattress?

On average a normal human sleeps for over 200,000 hours in his entire lifetime, as mentioned earlier, dust mites only act up at night. It is also a documented fact that over 3,000,000 Americans suffer from Asthma and a large amount of Americans have been victims of an asthmatic attack between 2:00 am and 6:00 am. The dust mites and their droppings are largely responsible for this statistic. It is said that an average 5-year pillow’s 25 percent weight is due to the Dust Mite carcasses and Dust Mite excreta in it. During a life span of roughly 50 days, a Dust Mite releases over 2000 particles excreta and around 3000 particles of undigested viral infected dust particles.

Dust Mites should be eliminated as soon as possible, so as to reduce further health risks to everyone living in that house.

Tips to control dust mites:

Essential Oils _ Aroma Hut InstituteThere are quite a few easy steps that can be followed to protect your home from dust mites and the allergies they bring with them.

1. Using essential oils is one of the easiest methods to kill dust mites and control them from returning. Follow the recipe in the video to make a dust mite spray for your mattress and carpet.

2. Another easy method of controlling if not completely eradicating dust mites is to Vacuum the house as regularly as possible. Vacuuming the house efficiently can cause a major downfall in the number of dust mites that share your home with you. There are a number of places that you may need to vacuum to cause a severe effect a dust mites attack routine, these spots within the household premise would include, your bed, your wooden wardrobes, the floor and wall corners, curtains, and other dry places in your home which may have a tendency to let dust cling to it.

3. The third easiest method would be to steam clean your home. This is an easy method, more effective than the first one, but has its own limitations and constraints. Thanks to the ever-increasing home appliance technology, you will now be able to get your hands on a steam cleaner easily, steam cleaning is more effective as dust mites require a dry atmosphere to survive, they won’t be able to live longer in a moist atmosphere. However, some items around the house cannot be steam cleaned. Electronic appliances react in a bad way when exposed to moisture or water, please ensure that a steam cleaner is only used on other fabric items in the house.

4. However easy it may seem to implement the above-mentioned control methods; it is but a fact that dust mites in mattress cannot be completely eliminated. The other simple measure you can take is to reduce the use of fabric, such as remove the carpeting in un-wanted and excessive areas around the house.

5. There are a lot of items around the house that usually get built up over time and are dust magnets, for example, movie DVDs, books, etc. Instead of collecting and stacking them in an open place, move them to a drawer or a showcase, which can be locked or covered with a slider. This will significantly reduce the number of dust mites in that area.

6. The heat and the moisture that come from a steam cleaner can have a basic effect on Dust Mites, however, washing your blankets, pillow covers, bed covers, curtain, etc, regularly will definitely kill all the dust mites present in them. Ensure that the water used for washing is hot and at least above 120 F.

7. Buying Vinyl furniture instead of fabric or upholstered ones can really help. 

8. If a child suffers from an allergy, don’t let him or her sleep with any stuffed toys, please store them in your wardrobe or cabinet. If required let the child hold the toy but not take it close to his face. Small girls have a tendency of hugging their soft toys, please do not let this happen.

9. Cleaning the furniture and other surfaces in the house with a wet cloth is useful; the wetness makes the dust particles heavy and hence does not let them rise into the atmosphere.

The basic idea is to stop any form of dust build up in and around the house. Remember as always, a clean home is a healthy home.

Here is another recipe to try using essential oils for dust mites and bed bugs!

Now you can kill bed bugs yourself fast with this DIY mattress spray with essential oils. Make this mattress spray at home with only a few ingredients. Bed Bug Mattress Spray

1/4 Cup Vodka or White Hazel
1/4 Cup Distilled Water
4 Drops Lavender Essential Oil
4 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil
2 Drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
2 Drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

In a spray bottle add all ingredients and replace the spray top. Shake well. Spray on the mattress as needed before changing linens.


James English is a researcher at the Dust Mites Center.

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