Essential oils for pets are a great alternative to chemically-based products for common ailments. Aromatherapy for pets is a growing alternative healing method to heal and cure various emotional and health-related issues with pets.

Many are familiar with Rebecca Totilo’s bestselling aromatherapy books for her reliable, safe methods to treat common ailments and boost general health―naturally with essential oil. Expanding on her series, she will share her most tried-and-true essential oil remedies in her speech on, Animal Lover’s Guide to Petcare With Essential Oil.

For many of us, our pets are a part of the family – we love them and protect them and want the best for them, in much the same way as we would for our own children. We want them to be with us for as long as possible, and so we look out for them, looking for the best treatments possible when one becomes ill or needs treatment.

In recent years aromatherapy or essential oil therapy for pets has gained substantial acceptance – thanks primarily to holistic veterinarians who have begun using essential oils and hydrosols in their practices for treating cats and dogs. Now, you too can learn from their recommendations for keeping your pet healthy as a complement to traditional veterinary care.

Rebecca’s holistic approach to pet care in Animal Lover’s Guide to Petcare With Essential Oil will reveal how any pet owner can safely and effectively administer quality essential oils or hydrosols to their cat or dog for improving their health and well-being. You will discover how to treat and prevent various illnesses and common ailments such as flea infestation, ear infections, and skin wounds. You will also learn how to provide loving support for reducing stress in their life increasing the bond between you and your pet.

In her articles she will explore:

  • Over 30 Essential Oil Profiles, Hydrosols, and Carrier Oils for creating natural, environmentally friendly blends for your furry friend
  • Detailed descriptions of more than 50 specific ailments and conditions including first-aid treatment and stress management in cats and dogs
  • Recipes with easy-to-follow directions for pet owners on how to gently use essential oils in the care
  • Helpful tips for keeping your pet healthy and pest-free

Essential oils offer a simple, effective way for animal lovers and healthcare professionals to support well-being naturally. Rebecca’s topic on “Animal Lover’s Guide to Petcare With Essential Oil” offers a holistic approach to animal health that includes tips on natural management.

Rebecca will entertain and answer questions such as:

  1. How do you introduce a new essential oil to the home?
  2. How do you share their amazing benefits with your animals?
  3. Which oils are safe to use?
  4. How much can I apply?
  5. Should I diffuse or apply topically?
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