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Our essential oils blog explores all the facets of using essential oils for health and wellness. Explore the hidden treasures of essential oils in our blog. Filled with videos, datasheets, and the latest research on essential oils. Below are the categories for our essential oils blog.


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Essential oils are distilled from plant leaves, flowers, roots, seeds, bark and resins, or are expressed from the rinds of citrus fruits. It generally takes at least 50 pounds of plant material to make one pound of essential oil (for example, a pound of rosemary oil requires sixty-six pounds of herb), but the ratio is sometimes astonishing – it takes 2,300 pounds of rose flowers to make a single pound of oil! Because essential oils
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Ways to Use Essential Oil | Aroma Hut Institute
There are many ways to use essential oils, so if you think inhaling it is the only way, think again because here are a few other options. If you have muscle aches or pains, you can get a massage using one or two essential oils. You don’t even need a full body massage to feel its profound effect because you can apply it yourself especially when you have a terrible headache or have some pain
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Rosemary Essential Oil | Aroma Hut Institute
Rosemary a popular herb for cooking, has medicinal purposes in a therapeutic essential oil form. It has the ability to stimulate cell renewal, stimulate hair growth, boost mental activity, relieve respiratory problems and reduce pain. Legend has it that the Rosemary flower used to be blue and changed to white when Mary the mother of Yeshua escaped to Egypt. The tale says that when she hung her cloak on the bush, the flower turned white
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Just as aromatherapy can be good for humans, it can also help our pets and provide them with the needed healing (both emotional and therapeutic) effects of aromatherapy.  However, it is extremely important to remember that animals are much different than humans. It is best to consult a qualified aromatherapy practitioner who is familiar with and comfortable about working with animals. A recommended book on this topic is Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals by Kristen Leigh
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St. Petersburg woman teaches about essential oils and their biblical healing and spiritual qualities in Brooksville By Gail Hollenbeck, Times Correspondent In Print: Saturday, July 11, 2009 On the Web: BROOKSVILLE When Rebecca Park Totilo discovered a spot on her face that looked suspicious, she thought about what she had gone through before when skin cancer was removed from her arm. “He really dug deep and left an ugly scar, so when I saw
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