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Dust Mites In The Mattress _ Aroma Hut Institute
#dustmitesinmattress #essentialoilsfordustmites Dust Mites are small and tiny creatures that are not visible to the naked eye, but they are present. Dust mites as the name suggests are creatures that eat, live, and breed in the dust i.e. dust mites in mattress. Dust mites are not nocturnal but attack mostly during the night. Dust mites can be found in your bed, hiding in your mattress, your pillows, your blankets, and just about anyplace where there
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Acne Treatment At Home _ Aroma Hut Institute
Here’s a simple formula for acne treatment at home! This recipe calls for two essential oils: tea tree and lavender essential oil. What You Will Need: 15 Drops Tea Tree Essential Oil 10 Drops Lavender Essential Oil 2 Ounces Jojoba or Almond Oil What To Do: 1. Combine all ingredients into a dark glass bottle. Shake to mix. 2. Apply with a cotton ball to affected areas before bed.    Getting acne is not
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Best Essential Oils for Skin Care
Most of today’s skin care products contain harmful petrochemicals that can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. This is why so many women are turning back to nature and looking at the best essential oils for skin care. With skin being the largest organ of our body, it makes sense to care for it with what nature provides in pure extracts from plants versus chemical additives and preservatives. Essential oils are easily absorbed into the
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#tigerlipbalm #greatwallofchina #china  In this post, discover how to make an easy lip balm with only two ingredients! Rebecca and her aromatherapy certification students from China made a Tiger Lip Balm – using only two ingredients and essential oils. Chinese students made a healing tiger lip balm (or it could be a healing salve depending on how you apply it) using two ingredients – beeswax and jojoba oil. Essential oils were added at the end
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Essential Oils for Focus and Concentration_ Aroma Hut Institute
Have you ever asked yourself or wondered, have we’ve all gone mad with our brain jumping from thing to thing? Essential oils for focus and concentration can help when you are not able to focus or concentrate – which can be detrimental to daily life. Fortunately, certain essential oils are capable of taming the monkey mind and can bring it under control from the constant chattering of distracting and unwarranted thoughts. Essential oils for focus
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One of the most popular benefits of aromatherapy is using essential oils for stress. With essential oils, you can improve your stress levels by relaxing your body and being able to enjoy more of your life without the constant worry that stress brings. At the end of this article, you will find bonus recipes with essential oils for stress so you can avoid the dreaded stress and side-effects it brings along with it.   What
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Make homemade wood polish recipe for your furniture and save money on cleaning products. Have you ever wondered if you could use essential oils on your wood furniture? Here’s an easy homemade wood polish recipe for creating your own Formby’s polish!  Move over Pledge – we have a DIY wood polish.   Wood Polish 2 fl oz olive oil 5 drops Lemon or Orange essential oil In a small bottle, add the essential oils with
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Flu Bomb Recipe | Aroma Hut Institute
Have you ever considered using essential oils for flu? It’s that time of the year when the cold and flu bugs are invading homes across America. What’s the difference between a cold and the flu? Are over-the-counter medications the best medicine or are there natural alternatives? What is a mother to do to help little Johnny feel better? Influenza (Flu) is a virus that attacks the respiratory system which can cause a mild to serious
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Essential Oils for Arthritis
Essential Oils for Arthritis, Is there an answer for me? Aromatherapy brings a spotlight to many incredible natural remedies to the general public including essential oils for arthritis. This is good news to those who are suffering from arthritis. Essential oils for arthritis are an excellent idea for combating the painful effects of what arthritis brings. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) assessment of arthritis shows a massive number of 52.5 million adults in
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