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Dead Sea Salts – Cure For Psoriasis

Have you ever tried soaking in bath salts? Dead Sea Salts are a cure for psoriasis and are ideal for use in bath salts, salt scrubs, home use, & professional spa therapy use. They are a standard ingredient for the cosmetic bath and spa industry. Regular use has been clinically tested to relieve the symptoms of Skin Disorders such as Psoriasis, and conditions such as Arthritis, back pain, Skin Allergies, Stress, Insomnia and many other related conditions.

Nestled between Israel and Jordan is an ancient wonder that has healed, cured, and inspired humankind for thousands of years: The Dead Sea. Spas, treatment centers, and retreats line the shores of this natural wonder. The climate in the region is warm, sunny and dry year-round. The air is clean, pure, and refreshingly absent of the pollution that surrounds us elsewhere. The atmosphere contains a unique UV filter that allows visitors to soak up therapeutic sunlight without the risk of burning. There are numerous hot springs, and the water is filled with minerals that are known to soothe tired muscles, decrease inflammation and promote healing, and act as a cure for many common ailments. There is such a high quantity of salt in the lake, you will float to the surface without even trying.

It’s no wonder the Dead Sea is a popular tourist destination, as well as a center for healing and treatment. You don’t need to go to the Dead Sea to reap its magnificent rewards, however: we offer real, raw, natural Dead Sea salts for you to sprinkle in your bathtub. If you suffer from stress, any one of many skin conditions, anxiety, aches and pains, or even a more serious condition, Dead Sea Salts could very well offer relief, if not a complete cure. Take a break from your hectic, fast-paced day and visit the natural wonder that is the Dead Sea.

Article Source: San Francisco Bath Company (our provider for the best salts) & The Dead Sea Miracle as seen on CNN “The Amazing Dead Sea.”

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