Carrier Oil Shelf Life

Is it time to go through your old carrier oils and see if any need throwing out? Some don’t last forever – in fact, most carrier oil has a shelf life. Here is a quick guide to shelf life.

A carrier oils’ shelf life, which is the length of time before a particular oil begins to turn rancid, can be greatly influenced by heat and light. You will want to store your oils in a cool, dark place to preserve their freshness and in some cases refrigerate (e.g. Not Avocado), as heat and sunlight can shorten their shelf life. When refrigerating, oils may appear cloudy but will regain their clear state upon returning to room temperature. If you have a large amount of carrier oil on hand, you can freeze the unused portion until ready for use.

Tip: Try not to mix too much of your favorite massage blend up in advance, if you don’t plan on using it right away.

Carrier Oil Shelf Life
Fractionated Coconut Indefinite
Flaxseed 3-6 months
Mustard Seed 18-24 months
Grapeseed 3-6 months (up to 9 months, if refrigerated)
Olive 12-18 months
Sweet Almond 12 months
Jojoba Indefinite
Aloe Vera 6-12 months
Apricot Kernel 6-12 months
Argan 24 months
Avocado 12 months
Borage 6 months
Calendula 12 months
Carrot Seed 12 months
Castor Indefinite
Coconut (virgin) 2-4 years
Coconut (fractionated) Indefinite
Evening Primrose 6-12 months
Flaxseed Up to 6 months
Hazelnut 12 months
Hemp Seed 12 months
St. John Wort 12 months
Emu 12 months
Macadamia 12 months
Olive 24 months
Palm 24 months
Pomegranate Seed 12 months
Rosehip Seed 6 months
Safflower 24 months
Sunflower 12 months
Wheat Germ 12 months
Walnut 12 months
Kukui 12 months
Karanj 12 months
Pumpkin Seed 6-12 months
Camellia Seed 12 months
Meadowfoam Seed Indefinite
Sea Buckthorn Berry 12 months