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My first book review of 2014 is “Organic Beauty with Essential Oil” by Rebecca Totilo on her book blog tours.  So, why exactly is a Daddy Blogger reading an organic beauty book? As you may have read on my Essential Oils blog post, I have been using Aromatherapy over the past few months and the oils have kept me super healthy through the cold and flu season. I’ve had a personal passion for essential oils since University when I worked at an Aromatherapy Kiosk so whenever I get a chance to try some essential oil products or learn more, I jump on the opportunity.

First, a little about Rebecca, then more about the book! :)

Amazingly, Rebecca has published over 40 books in the last 10 years. I just published my first book at only 120 pages and I know how hard it is to write, publish, and market just one book, let alone 40 different books. Rebecca is a skilled writer based on the quality and quantity of her books. Not only has she published a lot of books but she has sold a lot of books too; some of her books have sold over 1 million copies already! Rebecca is passionate woman of faith, a best-selling author, a loving wife, and a dedicated mom of 4 children based out of Saint Petersburg, Florida. You can see how hot it was in Florida based on the fan running at 10 pm EST in the middle of winter. Just seeing that fan wanted me to jump on a plane to a hotter country with more sun than Vancouver!

Organic Beauty with Essential Oil is a well-written, concise, and highly practical book with over 400 homemade recipes. Rebecca focuses on natural skin care, hair care, and bath & beauty products. You can even learn how to make your own body scrub, lotion bar, or lip butter!  The thing I liked about the book is that it focuses completely on natural, organic oils for beauty rather than the onslaught of chemically-based products that major corporations are trying to sell the health & beauty industry and uninformed consumers. Why not treat your body to organic products the way nature intended?

The book is broken down into an easy-to-follow format:

1) Essential Care for the Body

2)  Essential Care for the Face

3)  Essential Care for the Hair

4)  Essential Care for the Mouth

5) Essential Care for the Hands & Nails

6) Essential Care for the Feet

Make sure you get a copy of Rebecca’s book at:

Heal with Oil

Here is my interview with Rebecca:

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