Why become an Aromatherapist?

Being an aromatherapist provides you with a solid understanding of essential oils and the ability to use and provide information for the vast amount of health conditions you may face as well as others. With so many people looking to alternative approaches to health, its important to know why you should become an aromatherapist and how you can help others.


What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is an extremely rapidly growing industry. Essential oils are among the best medicine out there (and natural.) Aromatherapy sparked a rediscovering of natural medicines that come from the plants of the earth. With so many essential oils on the web, how would you know which one is for you or someone else?

That’s great and all, but why be an Aromatherapist?

Aromatherapists provide information about essential oils to others. Essential oils combat so many different health conditions. But essential oils can interact with other medicines or bodily functions, so caution needs to be exercised before use. Essential oils are robust due to the vibrational energy that comes along with them because of the atoms at a molecular level!

A lot of people nowadays do not have a clue about essential oils, and it is up to us, as an aromatherapist, to educate. Essential oils provide the nearly unlimited healing power, and so being an aromatherapist provides the education to help understand and use essential oils. Essential oils are potent, and some can be potentially harmful without proper knowledge of them. 

Why you must know about Essential Oils before you use them!

There was once a man who heard about peppermint essential oil and its benefits. He had heard that peppermint might be able to help his acid reflux. Thus, he went online and bought a 15ml bottle of peppermint essential oil. When he received the bottle, he thought that he needed to take a tablespoon of peppermint to deal with his acid reflux and let’s say, that was not the case. He was on the floor in pain for hours due to the potency of peppermint essential oil. But worry not! He survived the torture and said he is no longer dealing with acid reflux!

It goes to show that essential oil education is extremely important! Nowadays, we are taught that modern medicine is taken in large doses. A tablespoon will do the trick for that common cold, but essential oils are so powerful that a drop is extremely powerful.  That is why education is vital!

But who can become an Aromatherapist?

Anyone can become an Aromatherapist! Those who are health professionals, essential oil distributor, doctors or nurses, therapists, and many others! The point of Aromatherapy is to spread the word about the fantastic health benefits that essential oils provide us with!

Aromatherapy opens the path to many new exciting careers and can enhance careers, such as being a massage therapist.

Interested in becoming a Certified Aromatherapist? We got you covered!

Aroma Hut Institute offers NAHA approved certification aromatherapy course online! We offer certified level 1 and professional certification level 2. If you have any questions about aromatherapy, please email us!