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How To Make Massage Oil With Essential Oils

 How To Make Massage Oil with Essential Oils is very easy for aromatic & therapeutic use, and today we will show you some basic recipes that you can do at home! Decide Which Essential Oils to Use First, you start by deciding which essential oils you want to use depending on the type of massage oil you would like to make and the benefit and effect you are looking to achieve from your massage…

How to Make Organic Bath Salts With Essential Oils

Dead Sea salt is great for distributing essential oils throughout the bath when making organic bath salts. Use approximately 8-12 drop of essential oils per cup of salt, depending on the strength of the oil. You may want to  dd more or less, a few drops at a time, depending on your personal preference. In this blend, I added Epsom salts, baking soda, and dead sea salts then added essential oils throughout. Aromatic baths are a wonderful natural alternative to modern medicine when it…

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15 Bath Oil Recipes Using Nourishing Essential Oils

And, after a hard day at work, there are few things more satisfying than a bath to help reduce aches, pains, or joint stiffness. In addition, aromatic baths are excellent for skin troubles, circulatory problems, respiratory symptoms, stress and nervous tension, insomnia, and menstrual pain. As a bath for detoxifying the body, using the right combination of essential oils can eliminate your body of toxins, helping you lose weight and get healthy.

Essential Oil Soap | Aroma Hut Institute

Essential Oil Soap Recipe

Soap making is much easier than most people think. The best reason for creating your own homemade soap is because of the natural ingredients used. Natural soap with healing essential oils is much gentler than most commercial products. There are lots of soap making books out there. I avoided making soap for years because I had the idea that it was hard to do. I kept having this image of old time movies showing pioneers…

Lavender Bubble Bath | Aroma Hut Institute

Lavender Bubble Bath

Adding the fresh Lavender is what makes this lavender bubble bath so special. What You Will Need: 1 Bunch Lavender or Lavender Buds 1 Large Clear Shampoo (unscented, organic) 5 Drops Lavender Essential Oil Wide-Neck Mason Jar (with lid) What To Do: 1. Place Lavender head down in the jar. Cut to fit. 2. Add shampoo and essential oil. Replace lid and place in a sunny window for a couple of weeks. Shake occasionally. 3.…