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Looking for Headhunters
If you love essential oils as much as I do, you know how easy it is to tell others about aromatherapy and share their wonderful benefits! The healthcare system is a jungle out there and people are desperately looking for alternatives! Because this is one of the fastest growing industries, simply selling essential oils is not enough.

Healthy Cooking With Essential Oil

Healthy Cooking With Essential Oil – IMAGINE TRANSFORMING AN EVERYDAY DISH INTO SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY – using only a drop or two of essential oil can enliven everything from soups, salads, to main dishes and desserts. Boasting flavor and fragrance, these intense essences can turn a dull, boring meal into something appetizing and delicious.

The Joy of Cooking with Essential Oils

Can you imagine opening the doors to a whole new world of cooking, unleashing new dimensions of sensory pleasure? Aromatherapy can enhance your culinary creations in a multitude of ways, using essential oils to add more than just fragrance or flavor. Food is not merely fuel; it can be enjoyed as a multi-sensory experience that brings therapeutic value as well as nourishment.

Cold and Flu Essential Oil Blends

Cough & Flu Essential Oil Blend Recipes Winter crisp, dry air brings on flu and cold season with a vengeance. Fight back with these essential oil blends to keep the family healthy (or bring fast relief if they do happen to catch the bug). Cold and Flu Blend for Children This blend can help clear the chest…