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“Mom,” Little Johnny screamed slamming the door with a sneeze and a hacking cough. “I don’t feel good.” It’s that time of the year when the cold and flu bugs are invading homes across America. What’s the difference between a cold and the flu? Are over-the-counter medications the best medicine or are there natural alternatives? What is a mother to do to help little Johnny feel better? Influenza (Flu) is a virus that attacks the
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  You might have heard about the uses of essential oils for aromatherapy, and you might have eaten grapefruit as part of a weight loss regimen in the past. Grapefruit essential oil for weight loss is something that scientists have recently studied with the relationship between the human sense of smell and the phenomenon of weight loss, and they have come to some very intriguing conclusions. If you are interested in adding an enjoyable and
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Learn how to use essential oils for weight loss! It can be a tough thing to go through, but with bergamot essential oil, you are helped along the process! Check out our video called, Essential Oils for Weight Loss – Bergamot to see how it can help you fight stubborn pounds that refuse to go away!   Bergamot essential oil helps to reduce stress and emotional eating, which is one of the biggest causes of
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Aromachology and Aromatherapy both promote the positive effects of fragrance on mood and emotion but that may be where the similarity ends.  References in commercial writing often blur their distinctions leaving many readers confused.  Read on and learn the difference. Aromachology is the scientific study of the effects of fragrance on human psychology and behavior.  This term was coined in 1989 by what is now the Sense of Smell Institute, a division of The Fragrance
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When you think of great things served cold, essential oils are probably not one of them. But essential oils storage is something that should be considered. I have been asked numerous times by students, “Should you keep your essential oils in the refrigerator?”  Truth be told, they do work best when fresh, and storing your essential oils in the refrigerator will lengthen their lifespan and keep them fresher longer. Essential oils are expensive, so you
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Essential Oils for Arthritis
Essential Oils for Arthritis, is there an answer for me? Aromatherapy brings a spotlight to many incredible natural remedies to the general public, which is good news to those who are suffering from arthritis. Essential oils for arthritis is an excellent idea for combating the painful effects of what arthritis brings. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) assessment of arthritis shows a massive number of 52.5 million adults in the United States affected by
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In traditional Chinese medicine, ginger is used in conditions where the body is not able to handle internal and external moisture. Diarrhea from an upset stomach or excess mucus due to colds and flu are instances of internal moisture. Circulatory concerns such as arthritis and rheumatism are issues that are aggravated by external damp conditions in the winter. Ginger is a warming oil that is good for both.   Country of Origin: Native to southern
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Add holiday cheer to your home with essential oils. Lightly fragrance a room with this blend of essential oils – be sure to spritz pillows, cushions, and rugs.   What You Will Need: 4 drops pine needle essential oil 1 drop mandarin essential oil 2 drops cinnamon bark essential oil glass spray bottle   What To Do: Fill the spray bottle with water. Add essential oils and spritz the air to add holiday cheer.  
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Essential Oils for Hair Growth _ Aroma Hut Institute
   Essential Oils for Hair Growth and Thickness Cedarwood – Cedarwood works to promote a healthy scalp and to help hair growth by increasing circulation to the scalp. It even helps to slow hair loss and thinning hair. Cedarwood also helps to relieve many different types of alopecia. A study involving 86 people showed a mixture of cedarwood, lavender, rosemary, and thyme in jojoba and grapeseed carrier oils that were massaged into the scalp
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